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Cracks, Chips and Signs of Wear


Age cracks, blemishes, wear and tear, and signs of repairs are the integral part of Mbunda art which was meant to be used and often abused.

These imperfections are considered normal and do not detract from the artistic and monetary value of the piece.

Actually, "mint condition Mbunda art" is often considered inferior to that with the obvious signs of use.

Many Mbunda artifacts from the best museum collections are missing some parts or have signs of crude repairs made with the locally available materials all are considered acceptable and often add to the charm and overall impact of the items.

Thus, do not get upset about small cracks, dents, chips and other signs of use accept them as an integral part of the Mbunda art.

Just think of the Egyptian, Greek or Roman masterpieces, which remain in the center of our artistic appreciation in spite of the missing body parts.


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