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Are They Authentic Or Tourist Art?


Yes, all items are authentic one-of-a-kind Mbunda art!

However, Mbunda artists often use older pieces to inspire them.

These works cannot be called copies.

They are artifacts made by artists for the same purposes as the older artworks.

Many great Mbunda artists still make art for local people to use in traditional and religious ceremonies.

Often, they will sell older pieces, surplus pieces or out-of-use pieces to the collectors.

These items are often of superb quality, too expensive for the generally poor locals to acquire.

The only copies are so-called "airport art", which we never carry and do not want you to buy.

We often give the following advice to the new collectors: Only buy and collect what you like!

Try to downgrade usually exaggerated claims of rarity and age and concentrate on artistic qualities and stylistic authenticity.

Read good book about tribal art.

Time and experience help to develop a better feel for the quality, authenticity, age, and style. But remember: never buy a story, buy an item.

Make sure it is the artwork that grabs you, not the talk and salesmanship!



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