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Some information about us:

We are The Mbunda Kingdom Research and Advisory Council, official representative of the Mbunda Speaking People Group in Angola, Congo DRC, Namibia and Zambia.

We collect and sell high quality Mbunda African art, Creating awareness in the cross section of all Mbunda Speaking People Group who still have the skills to revive these cultural emblems, that the Mbunda Art and Culture can be a source of livelihood.

Thereby, serious engagement in production of these artworks can empower them to self employment and more money in their pockets and therefore reduce poverty and illiteracy in their midst and send their children to School.

We concentrate only on the high quality art and spend a lot of time selecting the authentic, unique and rare pieces.

We give preference to the artifacts with high artistic quality and stylistic authenticity.

Throughout the years we have developed excellent and trusted contacts with our people, which locate and retrieve the best Mbunda art without getting middlemen involved.

This together with the strictly on-line nature of our operation keeps the prices well below the competition.

Our mission, to a large part, is to enhance public appreciation of the beauty and value of Mbunda art.

We mainly sell to the collectors in Zambia and abroad who trust us and keep coming back for more year after year.


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His Majesty King Mbandu IV,
Joćo Pedro Mussole
of The Mbunda People
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