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"Cheke means Glowing Light Out of Darkness"

The Association was borne out of attempts by some concerned Mbunda Speaking people in the 1940s along the line of rail. It formally existed in 1956 as Mwondo under the Chairmanship of Mr. Kalimbwe. Later in the 1960s it was changed to be Mbunda Cultural Writers' Association. It started to produce a magazine called Kapila kamuthzimba Tako. In 1981 on 27th September the Association was renamed Mbanja this was at a meeting that took place in Monze.

Later in the same year on 17th and 18th October, at a meeting that took place at the late Mr. Gabriel Mulyata's house in Lusaka the Association yet again was renamed Cheke Cultural Writers' Association and its first Constitution was drafted and endorsed. With the Constitution in place, the same was officially registered in 1982. It started to produce a magazine called Likalavandhtzi lya Mufuko.

On 16th August 2007 at a Meeting that took place at the House of Dr. Rosemary Ndonyo, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ndandula Libingi, the Association yet again changed its name from Cheke Cultural Writers' Association to almost what it was in the 60s to 80s, Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association. The effecting of these changes with the Registrar of Societies was done on 13th February 2008 and a new certificate issued.

This change was necessitated by shift in the Association's vision from just writing about the history to also revive, preserve, promote and protect the Culture and affairs of all the nine chiefs of the seven dialects of the Mbunda Speaking People Group. This entails organizing and holding cultural gatherings, to this end execute programmes relating to Official Representation and Custodian of traditional music, makithi, oracles, myths, oral and written records of the Mbunda People Group.

In the pursuit of it's programmes and activities the Association shall at all times conduct its affairs within the framework of its constitution and the Laws and Regulations of the Government of the Republic of Zambia. Admittance to the Association is open to all Mbundas and is conferred through payment of membership fees. The Association is nonpolitical and supports the Government of the day.

1). To revive, preserve, promote and protect from foreign influences, the cultural heritage and traditions of the Mbunda speaking peoples in totality by carrying out research, into the history of the Mbunda and to disseminate such information to the Mbunda people.
2). To provide direction, guidance and promote the participation by the said people group in all such cultural activities throughout Zambia as may be in the interest of the Nation and conducive to the development and enrichment of the Nation's cultural life generally.
3). To be the Official Representative and Custodian of traditional music, makithi, oracles, myths, written and unwritten, records of the Mbunda People Group.

CCMCWA, currently enjoys support from all nine (9) Mbunda chiefs in Zambia, and give unequivocal respect and support to Traditional Institutions in their respective palaces and chiefdoms. CCMCWA's role in relation to the Mbunda chiefdoms is advisory. Cheke Cha Mbunda drives its authority from its constitution and the AGM as its highest organ. Being an Association and because of the high respect given to the various Chiefdoms, the chiefs have no control over or participate in the day-to-day running or implementation of the Association's policies, objectives and programmes. They thus do not issue directives to the Association's elected office bearers. Consequently, they do not, severally or individually, issue statements or write instructions or requests using Cheke Cha Mbunda stationery. It is a constitutional right of every Mbunda to form any organization of his or her choice, whether political or otherwise to champion his/her objectives. However, it is wrong to use a legally constituted body corporate like Cheke Cha Mbunda which has different objectives to pursue such different aspirations.

In this regard Cheke Cha Mbunda disassociates itself from recent pronouncements in the Zambian media regarding establishment of ethnic governance structures purporting to represent the Mbunda people using CCMCW stationery and logo. Establishing ethnic governance structures of all the Mbunda people requires consensus from all the Mbunda chiefs, which, to Cheke Cha Mbunda's knowledge, has not been obtained. Therefore, anyone found speaking for the Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association apart from the legally elected office bearers, whose names have been duly filed by way of a return with the Registrar of Societies or using stationery will be impersonating Cheke Cha Mbunda and appropriate legal action will be taken by the Association against such a one.

It is therefore the obligation of the National Executive Committee (NEC) in Lusaka to re-establish Provincial, District and Branch Committees through membership renewal exercise, which will enable the Association to revive the programmes which were curtailed in 2013.

Over the years the Association has progressed though slowly but surely and has managed to achieve the following;

● Published the first ever History book of the Mbunda Speaking Peoples
   in 1994 in English.
● The book was translated in Mbunda Language and was published in
   August 1998. It was launched in Kaoma in October 2000 at a function
   named "The Launch of the History Book and Mbunda Arts and Cultural
   Exhibition", which certain quarters have misinterpreted as a launch of
   an annual 'Cheke Ceremony'.
Restoration of Mbunda monarch in Angola
   In 1997, the Association was invited by Mbunda people in Angola to
   assist in restoring the Mbunda monarch and Culture that remained in
   Zambia after the demise of Mwene Kazungo Shanda in 1974 in
   Lyondondo village of Kalabo District. The Association responded by
   effectively and actively organizing all the cultural necessities to the
   restoration of the Mbunda monarch in Angola and coronation of His
   Majesty King Mbandu III Mbandu Lifuti. A request was made to the
   Angolan Government through the Angolan Embassy in Zambia to help
   in facilitating the logistics of moving the King Designate, his family
   and Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural dance troupe to Angola. A budget of
   US $ 20,000.00 was approved to facilitate movement by Air and Road
   to Angola.

   On 16 August 2008, the Association accomplished the assignment of
   being part to the restoration of the Mbunda monarch in Angola and
   coronation of His Majesty King Mbandu III Mbandu Lifuti at Lumbala
   Ngimbu, Moxico Province.
Read more.......

Action plan for the safeguarding of the Makishi Masquarade in

   On 10 April 2007, the Association wrote a letter to the Permanent
   Secretary, Ministry of Community Development and Social Services,
   protesting and challenging the Ministry, Likumbi Lya Mize Cultural
   Association and UNESCO on the ill prepared Candidature File on the
   Proclamation of Makishi as World Intangible Heritage and the Action
   Plan for Safeguarding of Makishi Masquerade in Zambia. In these two
   documents, it implied that Mukanda is a ritual practiced by Vaka
   Chinyama Cha Mukwamayi Communities, including the Mbunda,
   Chokwe, Luchazi and Luvale who live in North Western and Western
   Provinces of Zambia. The aim of the project was to patent all Makishi
   artifacts as an intellectual property of the Luvale people, meaning,
   anyone practicing Makishi would have to request for permission from
   His Royal Highness Senior Chief Ndungu.
   In the letter, it was emphasized that Vaka Chinyama Cha
   Mukwamayi is a Luvale Chieftainship and is not inclusive of Mbundas.
   Mbunda Speaking People are distinct tribal group with its own Chiefs.
   Though they share similar culture of Mukanda and Makishi masks with
   the other three tribes, each has its own Makishi artefacts but do not
   have restrictions in use among each other.

   After protracted meetings among stakeholders (Luvales, Chokwes,
   Luchazis and Mbundas), the Ministry and UNESCO in Lusaka, The
   Action plan for Safeguarding of the Makishi Masquerade in Zambia
   document was amended in June 2008 to correct the anomaly. However
   since the amendments diverted from the original plan, the whole
   project was abandoned due to increase implementation activities with
   the inclusion of Western Province, eventually exceeding the

Bible Translation into Mbunda language
   Participated in translation and printing of the Mbunda Bible, a project
   the Association has been proud to support vigorously. Translation of
   Mbunda Bible was started in 1914 in Angola, but was disrupted by the
   Mbunda/Portuguese war, after the later abducted the Mbundas King,
   His Majesty King Mbandu I Lyondthzi Kapova, killed him and dislodged
   the Mbunda Kingdom.

   In 1956 the work was continued in Zambia but under many challenges
   which almost saw the work abandoned. In 1986 the Association revived
   the translation of the Mbunda Bible.
   The Bible Society's policy was that the benefiting Community of any
   Bible Project should contribute some percentage towards the printing
   of their Bible once the translation has been completed. The amount
   that needed to be contributed by the Mbunda Community was about
   K50 million to K60 million. Contributions were to be sent to the Bible
   Society of Zambia under Mbunda Bible Printing Project, either
   directly or through Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural & Writers Association
   branches or the National Office. The Association organized fundraising
   ventures and well wishers committed their finances to this noble
   cause. The Mbunda Bible was finally printed in the year 2006 and
   delivered to Zambia in 2008.
   On 9 August 2008 the Mbunda Bible was launched in Kaoma, and
   re-launched in Angola on 17 August 2008 at the restoration of the
   Mbunda monarch and coronation of His Majesty King Mbandu III at
   Lumbala Ngimbu, Moxico Province. On 31 January 2009 the Mbunda
   Bible was again re-launched in Lusaka. What a pleasant moment it
   was for the Association, and what a coincident, 'the Mbunda Bible
   Translation work was interrupted in Angola in 1914 when the
   Portuguese abducted His Majesty King Mbandu and eventually killed
   him and dislodging the Mbunda Kingdom. Ninety four years later the
   Mbunda monarch is re-established in Angola with the coronation of His
   Majesty King Mbandu III Mbandu Lifuti on 16 August 2008, and the
   Mbunda Bible translation work was completed and launched in the
   same month'.

Launch of the first ever Cheke Cha Mbunda Website
   In April 2009 the Association built their own website to help
   disseminate their activities locally and internationally as

   That website was later changed to www.mbundakingdom.org at the
   beginning of misunderstanding in the Association orchestrated by the
   Kaoma District Committee as things started to fall apart.

Mbunda Traditional Ceremonies
   In the year 1999 and line with its Constitution; "To provide direction,
   guidance and promote the participation by the said people group in all
   such cultural activities throughout Zambia as may be in the interest of
   the Nation and conducive to the development and enrichment of the
   Nations cultural life generally",
the Association started providing
   direction, guiding and promoting participation in gazetted Mbunda
   chiefs' traditional ceremonies.

   That was started with the revival of the Mbalango Lyenya Ceremony at
   Mwene Mundu Likisi, Lyumba palace. NEC worked through the Western
   Provincial Committee in Mongu. Playing prominently in that were the
   Provincial Coordinator then, District Commissioner for Nalolo, Mr. Teddy
   Chimbinde and the Provincial Chairman then, the late Mr. Bukolo.

   That was follow by participating at the Lukwakwa Tradional Ceremony
   of Senior Chief Sikufele at his Manyinga palace in Kabompo in from the
   year 2009 until disruption again in 2012 by the same challenges.
See more.......

Update of the Mbunda History Book, Mbunda language Edition 
   In the year 2011, the Association yet again published the updated
   edition of the Mbunda language edition. That was necessitated by
   additional research and events that led to restoration of the Mbunda
   monarch in Angola.

Submission to the Rodger Chongwe Commission of Enquiry on the
   Mongu Violance

   On 14th January 2011, the Association had a privilege to submit their
   views on the the cause of the violence that occurred in Mongu. The
   platform was used to also put the Mbunda grievances in Western
   Province to the Government of Zambia.
Read more......  Responses.......

Subbmission to Barotse National Council (BNC), 26-27th March

   In recognition of the Association as a spokes organ of the Mbunda
   people, the Barotse Royal Establishment invited the Association to the
   most advertised BNC meeting in Limulunga. The National Chairman
   then Mr. Ndandula Libingi addressed the assembly which turned out to
   advocate for the secession of Western Province. The association turned
   out to be the only organ that opposed the secession calls.

   The Association also took advantage to put across the Mbunda
   grievances to BRE, with a view to start round table negociations on the
   grievances as promised by the BRE Prime Minister (Ngambela) at a
   meeting with the Association National Executive Committee (NEC)
   representatives during his familiarization tour in Lusaka.
Read more.......

Strange Force Infiltrates To Divide Cheke Cha Mbunda
   After BNC Submissions report to all Mbunda chiefs and Association
   Provincils, District and Branch Committees, strange disagreements
   started to appear from Copperbelt Provincial Committee and Kaoma
   District Committee under chairmanship of Prof. Biemba Maliti and Du
   Shefu Mbandu Kalyangu and his Secretary Liale Mubanga respectively,
   advocating for Mbunda Royal Establishment (MRE) and Mbunda Royal
   Council (MRC) and liberation of Mbundas.
   Copperbelt: In meeting minutes refuted to have taken place by the
   Association Vice-Chairman Mr. Chuma Mubanga who is to
   have bee present, show cracks in unity the Association had enjoyed
   from inception.
Read more......

   Kaoma District Committee: Issued a Press Statement denouncing the
   BNC resolutions though the National Executive Committee (NEC) had
   issued a Cheke Cha Mbunda position earlier which was similar.
   However the Cheke Cha Mbunda Constitution does not permit
   contradicting  Provincial, let alone District Committees that report to
   Provincial Committees to issue Press Statements on national issues
   but NEC.
Read more.......  Read Guidance from NEC........
   Following the contradicting views emerging from the two committees,
   an Extra Ordinary meeting convened by NEC to review their position on
   Barotseland exactly one month after the BNC meeting in Mongu where
   they were represented and the resolutions were circulated to all
   Mbunda chiefs, and organs of the Association. 
Read more....... That
   prompted the Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson, Prof. Biemba Maliti to
   resign his position, without doubt to embark on his MRE/MRC
   suggestions in the purported Copperbelt Provincial Committee meeting

A Scapegoat for Dividing Cheke Cha Mbunda 16/11/2012
After the resignation of the BRE Ngambela Cheke Cha Mbunda issued a
   Press Statement refuting a statement in the Times of Zambia, refuting
   as attributed to Chief Chiyengele.
Read more......

A Strategy Mooted at Mushuwa
Two member of the Kaoma District Committee were summoned to
   Mushuwa palace to come up with a strategy to silence Cheke Cha
   Mbunda National Executive Committee (NEC) in Lusaka.
Read more..........

   After the meeting at Mushuwa, the Kaoma District Committee
   instituted a parallel Committee to the National Executive Committee in
   Lusaka contrary to Cheke Cha Mbunda Constitution and upon being
   reminded of the anomaly and NEC abolishing the position not provided
   for in the the Constitution, the Committee became insubordinate.

     Read more.........

   Reconciliatory Attempts by Cheke Cha Mbunda NEC in Lusaka
Effort was made by NEC to bring the Kaoma District Committee back in
   the fold by sending two NEC members with another who happened to
   attend to his business in Kaoma. The Kaoma group conceeded to have
   overstepped their boundary but the effort never yielded the results as
 Despite that effort the insubordination continued. NEC however
   considered the insubordination to perhaps had been a no vote of
   confidence in itself and called for an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

   Annual General Meeting (AGM)
   The AGM was convened and held on 23rd February 2013, however
   noticing the assembled crowd, the Kaoma group realized their strategy
   would not succeed despite having arrived with a Rosa Bus full of
   delegates ready to vote out the Executive. They therefore disrupted
   the AGM with demands which were at most unnecessary, which caused
   the none election of new NEC office bearers after dissolving the
   outgoing executive.

   The AGM was adjourned with a proposal to appoint an Interim
   Committee with three assignment to; to make amendments to lacunas
   in the Constitution, audited accounts and call for an AGM to elect a
   substantive NEC within three months. However, serious oversight
   was made in the appointment of the Interim Committee, in that some
   agitators of the division were appointed.

   ● The Interim Committee Hijacked
The mandated assignments went on for two years instead of the
   authorized three months by the AGM without success, and in the
   process the Interim Committee was hijacked and concentrated on
   unconstitutional issues outside their mandate, such as facilitation of
   the MRE/MRC and Cheke Ceremony at Mushuwa.

  The Interim Committee Chairman, his Vice and the Secretary were all
  overpowered by the Vice-Secretary who continued organizing
  unconstitutional programmes without their knowledge and authority.         Read more.....

  As the public continued to receive unconstitutional media publications
  from the Interim Committee Vice-Secretary, a group of concerned
  Mbundas comprising former Cheke Cha Mbunda office bearers
  summoned the Interim Committee Chairperson and his Vice to
  query them on the unconstitutional programmes they had embarked on.
  From that meeting the top two executives denied knowledge of ever
  meeting to discuss such unconstitutional issues as the ceremony and
  other ethnic governance structures such as MRE/MRC. It was also
  discovered that despite the two years contrary to the AGM resolution
  little has been done to accomplish their mandate.

  The concerned Mbunda group as paid up members of the Association
  then wrote to Registrar of Societies demanding for an urgent AGM to
  save Cheke Cha Mbunda. The Registrar of Societies summoned both
  groups for a meeting at their office, where demand instructions were
  issued for the Interim Committee to convene an AGM on 27th June 2015
  or risk deregistration for abrogating the Association Constitution.   
However, as the Interim Committee advertised for the Cheke Cha
  Mbunda AGM in Lusaka, the re-enforced Kaoma group with Prof. Biemba
  Maliti also advertised for a Mbunda Indaba in Kaoma on the same date,
  to the extent that the Kaoma group tried to have the Interim
  Committee Police permit withdrawn at Police Headquarters in Lusaka. In
  the meeting that followed at Police Headquarters two days before the
  AGM due date, the Kaoma group representative Liale Mubanga was
  advised that the two meeting were for different organizations and were
  to take place in two different towns and therefore did not raise any
  security concerns for them to take place on the same day.

Where as the Kaoma Mbunda Indaba was dispersed by the Police for
  forging the Cheke Cha Mbunda documents to fraudulently acquire a
  police permit, the Cheke Cha Mbunda AGM was successfully
  held with three plain clothed police officers for security and observed by
  an officer from the Registrar of Societies as a Returning Office in the
  elections of the substantive Cheke Cha Mbunda National Executive
  Committee. Read more.......

  However, upon publicizing the results of the Cheke Cha Mbunda AGM to
  the public, the Kaoma group also publicized their own Cheke Cha
  Mbunda National Executive Committee from the dispersed Mbunda
  Indaba Meeting from Kaoma. Read more......
  The law is very clear though on two organizations using a similar name.
  The Societies Act. Chapter 119 (Volume 9), Part II, Section 9c of the
  laws of Zambia states on section (d) that:
  (d) the name under which the society is to be registered-Cases where
       Registrar must refuse registration:
   (i) is identical with that of any other existing society; or
  (ii) so nearly resembles the name of such other society as, in the
       opinion of the Registrar, is likely to deceive the public or the
       members of either society;

  Cheke Ceremony at Mushuwa
  The Cheke Cha Mbunda National Executive Committee (NEC) was
  summoned by BRE Kuta in Limulunga. NEC sent four of its members
  represented one from Lusaka, one from Kitwe, one from Luampa
  (Kaoma) and one from Senanga to attend to the call.

  During the meeting the Association was accused of inviting BRE to a
  Cheke Cha Mbunda Ceremony of a chief dethroned by BRE and that it
  was insubordination and an insult to Barotse Authority.
  Upon being shown the letter, it was discovered the invitation was not
  from Cheke Cha Mbunda but an imposter group organizing the Mushuwa
  ceremony and calling themselves Cheke Cha Mbunda. This was proved
  by the fact that they had forged the Cheke Cha Mbunda logo and
  included a flywhisk, an MRE/MRC symbol. Read more.......

  The Cheke Cha Mbunda NEC delegation after the meeting and upon
  convincing the BRE Kuta proceeded to report the matter to the Chiefs
  and Traditional Affairs Officer who, after presenting the authentic Cheke
  Cha Mbunda registration documents acknowledged the existence of the
  imposter group. After producing their file, he revealed also that they
  had been visiting his office, spearheaded by someone he identified as
  Liale Mubanga. He assured the NEC representatives that he would
  await the imposter group's next visit to request them to prove their
  registration like the NEC representatives had done, whose registration
  documents he photocopied and filed in the same file.

  The Cheke Cha Mbunda NEC delegation then proceed to report the
  matter to Mongu Police fraud section. After showing them documents,
  the police recorded the complaint and promised to investigate the

  However, constant follow ups on the matter proved fruitless. A letter
  was then written to the Inspector General of Police in Lusaka
  (Libongani then), who responded in a letter that he will call on the
  Mongu Command to follow up the matter. Time passed by again without
  results. After the removal of Libongani, NEC wrote to her successor
  Kanganja, who referred the letter to their legal department who finally
  responded that the police cannot intervene in cultural ceremonies.
  That put the final nail in the coffin because what was reported was not
  a ceremony but a criminal offence of forgery. Read more......

  Later a check was made at the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs
  (MOCTA) Headquarters in Lusaka to ascertain the legal authenticity of
  the Cheke Cha Mbunda Ceremony. I was discovered there was a file
  labeled Cheke Cha Mbunda Ceremony and that the ceremony was
  included on the National Traditional Ceremonies Calendar. Further
  enquiries revealed that Chief Chiyengele accompanied by Liale Mubanga
  visited MOCTA offices and presented a copy of the Cheke Cha Mbunda
  Cultural and Writers Association, purporting to be his ceremony's
  certififate of registration and requested for it to be included on the
  Traditional Ceremonies Calendar. A photocopy of the presented
  copy of the certificate was made, stamped and given to the enquirers
  as proof. See.........

  It was further revealed that when MOCTA received a letter of
  from Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association notifying them
  of a group organizing a ceremony in their name without authority from
  the Association, a letter was written to all government organs and
  Mbunda chiefs about the anomaly. See.........

  Mbunda Royal Establishment/Mbunda Royal Council (MRE/MRC)
  All above, gave strength to MRE/MRC to continue castigating the
  Association in their meetings to the extent of calling it defunct and that
  they had replaced it with another organization, in a continued effort to
  deceive the public. It could only be malicious for a none members of a
  legally registered organization to declare it defunct and replace it with
  one of their choice. Read more........

● Mbunda History Introduced On Wikipedia Encyclopedia.
After the AGM and dissolution of the substantive National Executive
  Committee, the former National Chairman Mr. Ndandula Libingi was
  appointed as The Coordinator of the Mbunda kingdom Research and
  Advisory Committee by the monarch in Angola under the Mbunda
  monarch, Prime Minister's office. He was then authorized to continue
  with the Mbunda research.

  With that authority he interacted with Sociolinguistic Scholars on
  Wikipedia Encyclopedia and created Mbunda articles such as Mbunda
  language, Mbunda Kingdom, Mbunda people, Rulers of Mbundaland,
  Mwene Chiyengele Chitenge and Mwene Mbandu Kapova I of Mbunda; to
  have the Mbunda history tested and scrutinised. 
   Also See at the Bottom of the Article for Other Articles.............

  Resignation of Ndandula Libingi As Cheke Cha Mbunda National

  The Association National Chairman Mr. Ndandula Libingi resigned his
  position and an electronic NEC election for an Interim Chairperson
  pending an AGM was proposed and approved by NEC with the outgoing
  National Chairman as the returning officer and Madame Claire
  Limbwambwa was elected.
Read more.......        Read more........

  Following the election of Madame Claire K. Limbwambwa, an AGM
  notification was circulated generally to the Mbunda fraternity as a start
  afresh olive branch. However, a response from MRE/MRC was stunning
  and uncompromising even after the exit of an individual they accused to
  have personalized the Association.
Read more......

Reconciliation Efforts by the Mbunda Monarch in Angola
   The first attempt was at Mr. Libingi's office in Rhodespark, Lusaka,
   soon after the differences with the Kaoma District Committee
   manifested themselves. During the address by King Mbandu, Liale
   Mubanga started pointing a finger at the monarch accusing him of
   shielding Libingi. The monarch in disbelief walked out of the meeting
   resulting in the attendants injected Liale out of the meeting, with all
   pleading with the monarch to continue attending to his business. That
   was a chance lost.

   On another occasion was during one of the monarch's private medical
   visits to Lusaka which coincided with Chief Chiyengele presence in
   Lusaka, the monarch called upon the two groups to brief him on their
   differences. A three man select committee from Cheke Cha Mbunda
   NEC and a three man committee from MRC that included Chief
   Chiyengele met the monarch in Makeni. The meeting was crowded by
   accusations of one man Libingi who was not in the meeting by the
   MRE/MRC group. The monarch adjourned the meeting to have a more
   representation from both groups, with their registration documents to
   prove the legal Cheke Cha Mbunda, over the weekend. To the surprise
   of the monarch, Prof. Biemba Maliti issued a press statement on social
   media by email cancelling the meeting without consent from the
   monarch. The Cheke Cha Mbunda group assembled as per the order of
   the monarch.

   Upon being queried on phone for their absence, Maliti apologized but
   Chief Chiyengele accused the monarch of being a foreigner who had no
   jurisdiction over the Zambian affairs. The monarch promised to issue a
   communique by way of a letter to both groups on arrival back at his
   palace in Angola. A second chance lost. 

   The advisory letter was received later by both groups. However, the
   MRE/MRC responded with a disrespectful scathing attack on the
   Mbunda monarch accusing him of all sorts of things. Cheke Cha Mbunda
   advised the monarch not to respond to the letter from Chief Chiyengele
   but that NEC will respond on his behalf.
1). King Mbandu Letter/MRE-MRC Response........      
    2).  Cheke Cha Mbunda Response on Behalf...........

   Are these cooked figures?
See - 2010 Cencus of Population, Page 68, Table 10.8 (Percentage Distribution By Ethnicity and Province), .......

●  Cheke Cha Mbunda Projects Currently In Progress
    However, despite the infiltration which has caused division not only in
    Western Province but Mbundas in general, Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural
    and Writers Association remain focused on its objectives as mandated
    by its Constitution as its highest organ of authority being a
    legally registered organization.

    Therefore currently the Association is working on projects for the
    benefit of the Mbunda people not only in Zambia but Angola, Congo
    (DRC), Namibia and wherever they are found in the Diaspora, with
    overall National and World benefis as follows:
     ● Re-establishment of the Cheke Cha Mbunda Provincial, District and
        Branch Committees which were disrupted in the year 2013 and
        relinquished at the AGM of 2013 pending the election of a
        substantive NEC,
     ● Update of the 1994 English edition of the Mbunda history book,
     ● Update and translation of the 1994 English edition of the Mbunda
        history book into Portuguese language,
     ● A comprehensive English/Mbunda/Portuguese Dictionary,
     ● An English/Mbunda Encyclopedia.
     ● Bio-Data Directory for all Cheke Cha Mbunda Members and
        production of Cheke Cha Mbunda Profile Booklet,
     ● The Situation Analysis of the Mbunda Ethnic Profile in Zambia,
        chronicling and identification of the Mbunda people in the country.

The following activities are being undertaken by respective organs of the Association:
     ● The Research, Information and Publication Sub-Committee,
     ● The Economic, Finance & Fundraising Sub-Committee,
     ● The Cultural and Education Sub-Committee
     ● The Legal and Foreign Relations Sub-Committee
     ● The National Executive Committee under the Chairmanship of
        Miss. Claire Kashukwe Limbwambwa and deputized by Mrs. Likonge
        Makai Mulenga.
We now appeal for donations from Mbunda Speaking People and other organizations locally and internationally who are eager to promote these projects and others that may come forward.

We trust that in future we will be able to add to what Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association intends to do in order to concretizing our people and uniting them in appreciation of what the Mbunda have been able to do and continue to do in adding value to this Country as a people. Therefore Contributions are more than welcome from all the Mbunda speaking peoples and well wishers to contribute to the Association's noble cause.

We also call upon as many Mbundas as possible to share this Information with as many Mbunda Speaking People they may come across as possible.




His Majesty King Mbandu IV,
João Pedro Mussole
of The Mbunda People
Claire Kashukwe Limbwambwa
National Chairperson
Cheke Cha Mbunda
Copyright � 2008-2014 The Mbunda Kingdom Research and Advisory Council. All rights reserved.