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The Mbunda who had supported Mubukwanu, one of Mulambwa's sons left for Kabompo. Most of them went to Nakalomo in present day Lukulu. Here they abandoned their stockade due to Makololo attacks. When Nxaba (Ngabe) in.his pursuance to invade the Makololo came to Kakenge's area, (ruler of the Luvale) in the north, he failed to break through the Mbunda fortress at Nakalomo. He then negotiated and tried to persuade the Mbunda to join him and his group, in an alliance against the Kololo. The Mbunda however remained suspicious and merely supplied the Mandebele with guides who took them across the Zambezi westwards in the direction of the Kololo who at that time were pursuing the Luyana fleeing to Nyengo.


Those Mbunda who in 1830 had, due to Makololo invasion, abandoned Nakalomo went to settle east of Manyinga river finding there only a few Nkoya villages. It should be noted that prior to 1920 the Kabompo District was uninhabited. They took the Nkoya under control and established the headquarters of their leader Chikufele (Sikufele) at what came to be known as Lukwakwa....................




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