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08 -1 -10    3:49 PM

Moxico governor assesses social projects


Luena – The provincial governor of the eastern Moxico province, João Ernesto dos Santos “Liberdade”, started Friday a two-day working visit aimed at learning about the implementation level of social projects underway in the districts of Bundas and Luchazes.

According to the visiting programme, the official will travel to the communes of Ninda, Lutembo and Luvuei (Bundas), as well as Cassamba (Luchazes), where water management and supply system and health centre are being installed.

At the end of the trip, on Sunday, João Ernesto “Liberdade” will assess the execution programmes with the District Management Funds and handover a vehicle to Bundas' King, Mwe Mbandu III, at Lumbala-Nguimbo locality.

Meeting with the local chieftains is also part of the visiting governor's agenda.




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