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 05- 10 - 2009    09:00


Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony 2009


The Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony for Senior Chief Sikufele in Manyinga. Kabompo District this year was held successfully.


For the first time Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association fully participated at the ceremony and lifted the ceremony to different dimensions in introducing the Mbunda Mukanda Makithi.


The events kicked off on Friday 2nd October 2009 with the twenty (20), out of the not less than fifty (50) Makithi artefacts raising from the Manyinga grave yard in the east and masquerading along the M8 road across the Manyinga to the Palace of Senior Chief Sikufele, to the west. After the procession the Makithi proceeded to Mukanda where they resided throughout the ceremony.


In the afternoon of the same day, the early audience to the ceremony were entertained to the rear performance of the Mbunda Makithi in twos and threes till sun down.


On Saturday, 3rd October 2009, the climax day, the audience was  yet again treated to a rear phenomena of the twenty (20) Mbunda Makithi performing a Masquerade entry into the ceremony main arena, after the Royal entry of His Royal Highness, Senior Chief Sikufele. The mbunda Makithi were all seen parading before His Royal Highness, Senior Chief Sikufele to give a traditional salute to the Senior Chief and were all introduced by their individual names to the audience and the Senior Chief. A point worth noting is that there was no duplication of any individual Makithi artefact on the masquerade because Mbunda Speaking People are the major stakeholders, having more Makithi artefacts than any other in the Mukanda-Makithi Practising Communities comprising the Chokwes, Luchazis and Luvales. Duplication to increase the numbers is therefore not necessary but the challenge is to raise all the not more than fifty (50) Makithi artefacts due to logistics.


On Sunday, 4th October 2009, His Royal Highness, Senior Chief Sikufele, ordered for a special extension of the ceremony in order for him to watch the rear traditional dances that have engulfed the Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony for the first time.




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