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19 - 09 - 2009    19:00


"Vilika Vya Mbunda" Cultural Extravaganza Launched in Lusaka

Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association today launched there " Vilika Vya Mbunda" Cultural Extravaganza event.


The event started at the Kabwe roundabout along the Great East Road to the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.  This event was a pure demonstration, showcasing the culture and life of the Mbunda Speaking People in Angola, Congo DRC, Namibia and Zambia. It involved twenty (20) of the not less than fifty (50) Mbunda Makithi artefacts masquerading all the way.


It was exciting to see many motorists coming out of their vehicles to dance with the Makithi, despite the traffic jam caused by the masquerade.


At the end of the masquerade, the Chairman for Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association said, this event was the first of its kind in an urban setting.  It accords tourists and locals who have not visited their rural origins for a long time or never to see the Mbunda culture as exhibited in the rural setting.


He further invited people from all works of life to again witness the climax of the Vilika vya Mbunda Cultural Extravaganza on Saturday the 26th of September 2009 , where the Mbunda art, handcrafts and cultural life style will be exhibited in the International School hall of Lusaka and, the Makithi seen today will perform their cultural dances including twelve (12) Mbunda Mukanda initiates.











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