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17-08-2009 13:23


King III Mwene Mbandu values cultural acts

Luena - The king of the tribe Bunda, Mwene Mbandu III Lifuti Mbandu, valued at the last end-of-week in-Lumbala Nguimbo,  municipality of the Bunda , province of Moxico, that cultural acts constitute the foundation of any tradition.

Traditional authority, which made this account in the ceremony of the first anniversary of its return to the throne, celebrated on the 15th of this month, said it was important to preserve cultural values so that society learns to respect their elders and their customs. For the monarch, by culturing the population better understand their habits and customs, avoiding the loss of their origin, identity, and learn to respect others and create good manners.

King compared the man without culture as "a house without foundation" and "tree without roots," arguing that "every human being has his tribe, each tribe with its culture and lose it is to be subject of slavery." Similarly, the provincial governor, Joao Ernesto dos Santos "Liberdade", asked people to reflect deeply about the loss of cultural values, and seek ways to rescue her.

Joćo Ernesto dos Santos reaffirmed the government's desire to focus on recovery of cultural heritage and moral and civic values of the Angolan population, by ensuring support for all forces of society to put forward such initiatives.

Angop learned from local authorities that the date chosen "Flat Lya Miondo Nganga ya" in Portuguese "Memorial Ceremony of the Reign Mbunda Capital" will be celebrated annually. They explained that the anniversary is the time when the people of the region Mbunda thank God for the achievement in the previous period.

According to history, the people Mbunda comes from the Bantu ethnic group, originating in Central Africa, particularly in the Kola region of the empire and Rund Luba of Congo (former Zaire).



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