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Breaking News - 27th May 2019




By Courtesy of Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association on 27th May 2019.

To achieve its objectives to Revive, Preserve, Promote and Protect from foreign influences, the cultural heritage and traditions of the Mbunda speaking peoples in totality as enshrined in its Constitution submitted, deposited and registered at the Registrar of Societies offices under the laws of the Republic of Zambia, Cheke Cha Mbunda is neither a 'Ceremony' nor a 'Ceremony Organising Committee' but an Association providing direction, guidance and promoting the participation by the said people group in all such cultural activities throughout Zambia as may be in the interest of the Nation and conducive to the development and enrichment of the Nation's cultural life generally.

That being the case, Cheke Cha Mbunda is this year, yet again partnering with Lukwakwa Organising Committee to raise funds in an effort of meeting the Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony 2019 budget.

Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony was constituted on 5th  October 1991 and is a Government of the Republic of Zambia gazetted ceremony, appearing on the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Calendar. It is celebrated during the last and first weeks of September and October respectively at the palace of His Royal Highness, Senior Chief Sikufele of Kabompo and Manyinga, North Western Province of Zambia.

As indicated on the 'Specimen Dinner Dance Ticket' above, the function will be held on 7th September, 2019 at the Government Complex in Lusaka.

Manyinga and Kabompo are cosmopolitan districts and therefore there is no Mbunda, Chokwe, Nkoya, Luchazi, Lunda, Luvale or Lozi, we are all one. Coupled with our "One Zambia, One Nation" Motto and the advent growth of mining and timber industries in the area, under the able leadership of our Republican President, His Excellency, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, no ethnicity is left behind.

You are therefore all invited to purchase your tickets by contacting as indicated on the Specimen Ticket above and join us enjoy our traditional culture.





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His Majesty King Mbandu III Lifuti
of The Mbunda People

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