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Breaking News - 8th October 2018

Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony 2018

By Courtesy of Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association on 8th October 2018.


The Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony was held from 5 to 8 October 2018. Cheke cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association (CCMCWA) was represented at the ceremony by some NEC members (National Chairperson Claire Limbwambwa, Chairman Culture Mr Christopher Kaliye and Trustee Mr Ndandula Libingi) and the Dance Troupe from Lusaka. On Friday in addition to the usual there was a special Induction Programme for several Indunas and Village Headmen. This was necessitated by some deaths in certain villages and growth of population in others leading to need to divide such villages into 2 or 3 administrative areas under new Headmen. Celebrations continued in the nights. On Saturday there was installation of Chiefs and further celebrations before the main event in the Arena.


It was great to see how the ceremony had grown bigger each year. It was humbling to hear people from different walks of life praise the leadership qualities of Senior Chief Sikufele VIII, Limbundi lya mu Ngila. One of the attributes which kept on coming up was his ability to unite people. This was confirmed by the number of traditional leaders from other ethnic groups who keep on accepting the invitation to come and attend the Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony. This year was not different as four Chiefs and several representatives of five other Chiefs attended.


A college enacted a poem and dance routine in languages of the different ethnic groups living within the Sikufele Chiefdom. In addition 4 different musical groups from Kabompo, Kaoma, Mwinilunga and Solwezi were on hand to perform and entertain the visitors. On the traditional side dance troupes from Lusaka, Kabulamema, Manyinga and other parts of North Western Province provided entertainment for the over 6000 people who turned up to witness the ceremony this year.


As usual the highlight of the ceremony is the enactment of life inside the Lukwakwa (Chimpaka) where Mbundas stored seeds during years of drought to ensure that whenever the rain would come the Chiefdom will have seed to plant. It was also used as security retreat for when the Chiefdom was being attacked. It had soldiers at different points, the first being immediately around the Lukwakwa. The second was a few kilometres away and the third was within the villages like along paths and shallow parts of rivers and streams. These security details worked through a highly efficient security inteligencia where word could be transmitted in the shortest possible time between the 3 levels of security. This was done through ordinary people seemingly living their lives eg women going to the river to draw water would bring back messages to level 2 security. A boy from level 2 would take a message to level 1 security and vice versa.


Another first this year was that Honourable Given Lubinda, MP and Minister of Justice was the first ever full Cabinet Minister to grace the ceremony as Guest of Honour. His speech was highly encouraging as he too paid tribute to the leadership qualities of his Host, Senior Chief Sikufele VIII. He also clarified on the division of responsibility between government and traditional rulers regarding installation and gazetting of chiefs. He encouraged chiefs to resolve internal wrangles instead of rushing to government for interventions.


To crown it all CCMCWA Trustee Ndandula Libingi was elected Chairperson for Lukwakwa and Liyoyelo Traditional Ceremonies. Without doubt this too fits in well within the mandate of Cheke cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association to preserve, revive, protect and promote Mbunda culture. Thank you NEC and Mbundas for your contributions to our culture and traditions and to the hosting of the ceremony.


This year is gone, we look forward to 2019.The question is will you be there too?


Claire K. Limbwambwa,

National Chairperson

Cheke cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association.

National Headquarters, LUSAKA.








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