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Breaking News - 1st May 2016

Cheke Cha Mbunda Launches Lusaka Provincial Committee

By Courtesy of Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association on 30th April 2016.


Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association on 30th April 2016 launched Lusaka Provincial Committee at a General Meeting held at Lusaka Secondary School (former Lusaka Boys), Long-acres.

Addressing the meeting before the launch, National Chairman took a swipe at a small group that tried to usurp the powers in the association by diverting the attention of the Mbunda people in wanting them to believe that Cheke was formed in Kaoma and therefore the headquarters of the association should revolve within Western Province.

In giving a brief history of the association, the National Chairman gave an account of how Cheke was formed along the line of rail in 1956 and how its name revolved in all stages of its formation to the current name.

He also refuted claims by the same group who, in their attempt to divert the attention of the Mbunda people claimed that a traditional ceremony called Cheke was launched in Kaoma in the year 2000. The National Chairman further took a swipe at the same group for forming the so called Mbunda royal administrative structures without consensus to use for their political gratification after their failed attempt to take over Cheke.

The National Chairman continued by reminding the members in attendance of Cheke’s objective and that one of them stressed on protecting the culture and tradition of the Mbunda people from foreign influence. He pointed out that foreign influence in that case can be from the international communities or local ethnic groups. He called on Cheke members to be diplomatic in dealing with such communities that infringed on the Mbunda culture and traditions.

He reminded the audience that Cheke believes in dialogue and that Mbunda is a distinct ethnic group that cannot be subjugated by another ethnic group on account of late settlement in the now Zambia.

He assured the members that on that account Cheke is prepared and ready to dialogue with the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) concerning the Mbunda grievances, in continuation with the agenda Cheke presented to BRE for the first time at the Barotse National Council (BNC) in March 2012, before the attempted hijacking by a group of anarchists.

He advised that tribal wars finished a long time ago and that those that perpetuated anarchy and tribalism will only have themselves to blame when faced by the law enforcement agents.

Turning to the new vision of Cheke in a quest to achieve their objectives, the National Chairman announced that the National Executive Committee since being elected in June 2015 have embarked on developing the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan with its annual July2016-June 2017 Action/Operation as a methodology to move away from reactive to proactive management.

He stressed that in that regard new coordinating implementation structures have been introduced at Provincial, District and Branch Committees as grassroots, with chairmanship levels at the National Executive, in order to be inclusive in implementing policies from the executive as formulators, down the line to the implementers at the grassroots.

However, due to low attendance at the launch meeting, it was resolved to appoint an Interim Committee to give more time for those that want to join Cheke and then call for an elective provincial meeting within a month’s time.



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