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Breaking News - 11th February 2016



 By Barotseland Post - 11/02/2016.

Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Kuta Indunas


We recently congratulated and pledged support to one of our Traditional leaders Chief (Mwene) Chiyengele Nyumbu in matters of consensus following the High Court ruling in his dethronement case. Lest we are misunderstood, is the ruling the end to the case? Can ruling in a matter be understood as judgement of the case?


By courtesy of the Barotseland Post http://barotselandpost.com/ we reproduce relevant extracts from the post thereof:


"The gathering of Indunas from all districts of Barotseland was summoned last week by the Litunga for a rare meeting, under the pretext that it was going to review the case of Mwene-Chiyengele of Nañoko who has fallen out of favor among the people of his area....................."


"As regards the case of Mwene-Chiyengele, the Indunas also decided to remind Zambian courts that they do not have a right to meddle in traditional matters.


As such, the Indunas have decided to send a powerful delegation to Lusaka to voice out the Kuta's displeasure over the decision of the Zambian courts to entertain a petition from former Mwene Chiyengele who was rightfully dethroned by the Kuta after it listened to petitions from the people who live in Nañoko and other areas of the chiefdom.

Mwene-Chiyengele (Jailas Nyumbu) was taken to court by his own people over land issues and disrespect from his family that grew up in Matero. He was subsequently dethroned and degazetted in 2015 by the Zambia government.


Mr. Nyumbu, however, appealed to the higher court of Zambia, and Judge Mwila Chitabo is yet to pass judgment over the matter".





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