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Breaking News - 04th February 2016



 By Daily Nation Newspaper Reporter - 04/02/2016.

The Mbunda speaking people of Western Province are happy with the high court ruling that allowed the reinstatement of Josaiah Nyumbu as Chief Chiengele.

Cha Mbunda cultural and writers' association national chairperson
Ndandula Libingi said the association stands to support all legally constituted Mbunda chiefdoms in the country

Mr Libingi said the Mbunda people would seek to support the Chiefs when it comes to matters of consensus to bring harmony among the people of Western Province.
"We stand to support all legally constituted Mbunda chiefdoms in the country as always and therefore be assured of our support in matters of consensus," he said.

Mr Libingi said the Cheke Cha Mbunda's objective was to revive, promote and protect the cultural heritage and traditions of the Mbunda speaking people.
He said Western Province had seven Mbunda chiefs with their separate chiefdoms and none was senior over the others.
Mr. Libingi said it was therefore important that chiefs spoke on behalf of their subjects as per Society's Act.

And Chief Chiengele thanked all the people who supported him throughout the court case.
He urged the Mbunda speaking people to support each other to uplift the living standards of Mbunda people.

Last week, Lusaka High Court judge Mwiinde Siavwapa ruled that Mr Nyumbu should be allowed to exercise his authority as Chief Chiengele of the Mbunda speaking people.
The judge also said Mr Nyumbu should be accorded the usual honour, dignity and benefits accruing to a status of a chief.

Chief Chiengele was dethroned from the throne after being accused of being disloyal to the Litunga of the Lozi people.
The chief rejected the move and instead sued the BRE in the Lusaka High Court.

And Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) could not comment on the matter as they were locked in a meeting.





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