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Breaking News - 09th January 2016

 Abomination In Angola


Mukanda/Makithi ritual were yesterday exposed on Angola television.

What is Mukanda/Makithi ritual?

Please refer: https://www.mbundakingdom.org/mukanda.htm. Mbunda, Luvale, Chokwe Nyemba, Ngonjelo, Chimbandi, Mbwela and Luchazi ethnic groups take Mukanda/Makithi as sacred. What is practiced at this ritual must not be exposed or reveal to women or uncircumcised people. It has become factual recently that many ethnic groups are being circumcised at hospitals due to the advent HIV and AIDs pandemic, but that does not give them the right to be exposed to the ritual without undergoing through its traditional process.


Mbunda Mukanda/Makithi ritual.

The Mbunda people take the sacredness of this ritual very seriously. Please refer: https://www.mbundakingdom.org/Kings.htm. It was as early as the 17th Century during the reign of the 10th Mbunda monarch, King (Mwene) Katete ka Luembe when Prime Consort Mukwetunga Kamenga strayed onto a Mukanda Circumcision camp for the Mbwela people, near the present day Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo border in Lubaland. This led to him getting circumcised and introduced the Mukanda circumcision ritual to the Mbunda upon his return. Since then the ritual was coined “The riual of Kings”.

As a consequence the 11th Mbunda monarch, Queen Vamwene Mukenge, Livindamo was the last female to be on the throne. That was as a result of the circumcision ritual adoption meant for men only, which led to female rulership being subordinated to male political authority. This change meant that only male royalty could be enthroned as sovereign rulers or monarchs of the Mbunda Kingdom. Female royalty could henceforth never again assume the Mbunda monarch.


Yet to be investigated reports reaching us indicate that individuals from Cuando Cubango Province and from Chief (Mwene) Vunonge authorized journalists from Angola television to take a video shooting at a Mukanda ritual camp, and subsequently exposing it publicly.


What Has Changed????
Nothing has changed except that people have become greed with money, revealing and exchanging sacred rituals with silver. In the same manner that is how Jesus Christ was betrayed by his own disciple.

Secondly, the Missionary Emil Pearson’s Ngangela perception has blinded our people. Instead of identifying themselves by their ethnic group name, they are identifying themselves as Ngangelas, a ligua franca, created by Emil Pearson and consequently being promoted in Angola and Namibia as an ethnic group without historical origin, refer: https://www.mbundakingdom.org/Angola.htm. By so doing they have lost the pride of safeguarding their traditions and customs.

However, because of this greed a group of people committed a similar exposure in Zambia, but in the same way Jesus Christ’s disciple who betrayed him committed suicide, the individuals are equally no more. These are traditional ethics that cannot be played with. As anybody who has undergone that ritual, would acknowledge this fact.


Whose Jurisdiction Has Been Challenged?????
We call upon His Majesty, King (Mwene) Mbandu III the 23rd Mbunda monarch and well-meaning Mbunda people and other ethnic groups who practice this ritual in Angola, Congo, Namibia and Zambia to petition the Angola Government to get to the bottom of the abomination.





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His Majesty King Mbandu III Lifuti
of The Mbunda People

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