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    Clement Sinyinda, resigned Ngambela
                       of Barotse Royal Establishment


It is Not The Mbundas' Position In Western Province That; "Good riddance Ngambela" as reported by the Times of Zambia 16th November 2012

As a representative and spokes organ of the Mbunda Speaking People in Zambia, Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association is refuting the statement in the Times of Zambia of 16th November 2012, attributed to have been issued by Chief Chiyengele of the Mbunda in Mongu, as the views or position of the Mbunda tribe of Western Province.

The statement as reported is that; “the Mbunda tribe of Western Province welcomed the resignation of Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Ngambela” and that Ngambela was the source of problems surrounding the Barotseland Agreement especially his strong stance to agitate for the secession of Western Province. We the Mbundas feel that his resignation is an issue that cannot go without commenting on. The Ngambela was someone very oppressive to other native tribes of Western Province and it is good that he has resigned”. If Chief Chiyengele really uttered those words then he was giving his personal opinion and not of the Mbunda in Zambia.

We as Cheke Cha Mbunda have met the Ngambela on several occasions since he took over the position, the last being at the last Barotse National Council where we represented the Mbunda people of Zambia at the Ngambela’s invitation. We have since spoken to him on phone a day following his resignation. To the contrary, one of his strong positions is to regard all people of Western Province to be one and the same. This is a statement he repeatedly assured us in our previous meeting with him, and this is what he wanted to achieve during his tenure. Through him he had assured the Mbundas to be given a platform to discuss their grievances in Western Province.

Its is true, he took a strong position on secession as a leader and not in his individual capacity. Some people accusing him today neither met him nor responded to his invitation at the last Barotse National Council.

The Mbunda position has all along been very clear, we do not support secession but the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement 1964. However, on the Ngambela resignation, we have missed a link for ironing out our grievances with our Lozi brothers.

Ndandula Libingi
National Chairman



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