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14-04-2012 12:10

                                             Part of Lumbala Nguimbo, Moxico Province and Capital of the Mbunda Speaking People
                                                   destroyed by UNITA forces as they were fleeing at the end of the Civil War that
                                                                                      occurred after the liberation war.


Mbundas Happy As Angola National Radio and Television Signals Are Installed and Received in The Mbundas capital, Lumbala Nguimbu, Moxico Province.

A report received today by Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association from Lumbala Nguimbo, Moxico Province and capital of the Mbunda Speaking People indicate that, the Angolan Government under the able leadership of His Excellency
Josť Eduardo dos Santos and MPLA Party is making every effort to bring sanity to a city that lost everything due to Liberation and Civil wars that ravaged Moxico Province of Angola. By yesterday a National Radio of Angola from the Capital Luanda was received in Lumbala Nguimbo, in addition to a National Television signal which was received earlier on.

Last year in May 2011 facilities for three communication facilities were built and commissioned by the Information Minister in Lumbala Nguimbo which led to the local community there to start interacting with World by cell phone and internet facilities, immediately and now television and radio.

The report say, Mbundas also hope that the Government will listen and act quickly to their cry that, Ngangela is neither a tribe nor language, or  is it a lingua franca language for Eastern Angola to be named Ngangela on Angola Tribal Map. This was a tool used by the Portuguese colonialists and some Missionaries in an effort to completely wipe out Mbunda Tribe and its language to replace it with their created Ngangela.

The report also calls upon His Excellency, Josť Eduardo dos Santos and the MPLA Government to reverse the scheme perpetuated by the enemies of the Mbunda Tribe and language to remove Mbunda as a National Language in Angola, amongst the other six:  Kikongo, Kimbundu, Umbundu, Chokwe, Mbunda and Kwanyama; approved by the Board of Ministers through the Official Gazette n ˚ 3 / 87 to May 23, 1987 and replace it with Ngangela. One touching example is the removal of National Language Mbunda from the other national languages ​​in the TPA programming and replacing with  Ngangela.


In addition, the report say; In National Language Mbunda the Ngangela simply means the direction to the east - the rising of the sun. The worst is that in the National Language Umbundu, "Ochi-ngangela 'means something that is worth nothing. The Ovimbundu (which is a neighboring province of Bie) call Mbundas as 'Ovi ngangela-' (plural) since Mbundas paid their political support to the political movement of liberation, MPLA during the fight for national independence against the Portuguese colonialists, while another political movement that was founded by leaders of the same origin Umbundu expected political support. And then, after achieving national independence in 1975 the Ovimbundu began to mock the Mbundas as 'Ovi-ngangela' because the liberation movement they supported, the MPLA was then in power, and had forgotten  to reward Mbundas in exchange for political support lent during the struggle. It was in the same vein that the Portuguese derided as the Mouse, Kimbundu (like a little mouse), and will be offensive to replace the National Language of the Kimbundu with a term 'Mouse.' For this and other reasons advanced earlier, the replacement of the National Language Mbunda with the term, 'Ngangela' if welcomed by the Executive, will be in bad faith.


And finally the report say; the Mbunda Speaking People therefore are very happy with the effort of their Government and commit themselves to work with the Government under the able leadership of His Excellency Josť Eduardo dos Santos and MPLA Party in the development of their land and the Country as a whole. In addition, Mbunda Speaking People are using their elaborate history in uniting all Mbunda descendant tribes east of Angola to dismantle the hate left by the Portuguese colonialists and some Missionaries during their divide and rule which saw some of these tribes fight alongside the Portuguese against Mbundas during the Mbunda/Portuguese War of 1914 to 1929, after the abduction of King Mbandu I, and the 21st Mbunda Monarch in Lumbala Nguimbu, in Mbundaland then. This will subsequently promote peace in Angola.

Ndandula Libingi
National Chairman
Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association


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