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Response to Mbunda people’ submission to Commission of Inquiry


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map courtesy of Cheke Cha Mbunda

Possible geographical degree of Lozi influence by 1900 enclosed by red border

Courtesy: http://www.barotseland.com/barotsemaps1.htm and Zambian Watchdog



Barotseland Freedom Movement

International Relations Secretariat



The Editor

Zambian WatchDog



Kindly find attached our response to the Mbunda people’s submission to the Barotse Shootings Commission of Inquiry. If you find it worthy publishing on your popular site, please do go ahead with our blessings.

Yours faithfully,


Shuwanga Shuwanga

Barotseland Freedom Movement International Secretary.



We would like to commend the Mbunda people for making such a brave submission to the just ended Commission of Inquiry into the Barotseland shootings.


While their submission contained some facts, it should, however, be pointed out that some points raised were non factual and largely speculative, which leaves one wondering as to what the Mbundas were hoping to achieve.


The BA’64 and Misplaced Government Policy Caused Existing Divisions

It is true that the Mbunda, Nkoya and others tribes mentioned in the submission came to Barotseland during Litunga Mulambwa’s reign. They were warmly welcomed and allowed to freely settle in Barotseland. This Litunga was a vehement adversary of slavery. His name, ‘Mulambwa’ simply means you only buy a dog not a human being.


The Mbundas and Nkoyas co-existed with Alui was purely based on the principle of unity in diversity, a principle that Zambia has struggled to comprehend in her 47 years of existence. The Alui recognized that the Mbundas’ culture and customs were different from their own but were quick to identify the points of strength in the latter on which they could rely as classily explained in the submission. In spite of the known and understood minor differences, the Alui had no problem co-existing with the Mbundas as they both found areas of common interest which benefitted both.


Apart from the Ba Luvale incident which required British intervention, it goes without saying that all tribes in Barotseland lived in harmony in spite of expected occasional schisms which would be normally got over with without serious negative consequences.


All tribes in Barotseland have always accepted each other; hence the early intermarriages which resulted in leaders like Sikufele being born of a Mbunda mother. The ridicule of Mbundas as a refugee tribe only took place at community level and was never the policy of the Barotse traditional leadership. At national level, the Mbunda were even represented in the Barotse National Council, as correctly acknowledged in the submission. This is the very Council referred to in the Barotseland Agreement 1964.


Ironically, Limulunga Royal Village is said to be built on the land that “belongs” to a Mbunda chief. This signifies the oneness that the Alui and tribes originally from Angola enjoyed before the Batotseland Agreement 1964 was entered into.


It would, therefore, be correct to point out that the marginalization and discrimination that the Mbundas and Nkoyas complain about today is primarily a consequence of the BA’64 and the governments’ failure to properly explain and implement the “one Zambia one nation” motto. The fact that there were elements on the Alui side which had even gone to the extent of burning Mbunda literature proves that a foreign influence had been deliberately introduced to divide the united peoples of Barotseland. This can partly be blamed on ignorance just as we are seeing in Zambia today where the BA’64 is concerned. Despite its importance to Zambian history, this Agreement was never taught in schools, resulting in its mixed understanding from most Zambian citizens who even include intellectuals.


It is without a doubt that the first Zambian government was bent on wiping out the memory of Barotseland. Nothing could better do this than dividing the peoples of that territory and further denying them the knowledge of their history. An ignorant Mbunda could easily believe that the Lozi wants the former deported back to Angola even when such a thing is simply not possible. Similarly, an ignorant Lozi can easily conclude that a Mbunda is indeed an enemy within who must be attacked at a whim. This fact must be understood by both factions in order to re-discover the common ground that once united all the over thirty tribes in Barotseland. Only then would even the issue of senior Mbunda chiefs be properly addressed as hoping to get the Zambian government’s intervention in this would easily be termed as meddling in Barotseland’s traditional set up.


The Threatening Fliers

According to knowledge based on Mumbwa Court proceedings on the “Mongu riot”, no Barotse activist was fingered out as having had a hand in the writing and distribution of the fliers before 14th January, 2011. The quick “arrest” of a Mongu MMD lady who had been behind the distribution of anti-opposition fliers later in the same year shows that had the violence threatening fliers of January 2011 been the work of Barotse activists, culprits were surely going to be apprehended and maybe the resulting violence could have been prevented. At work here is a foreign element that is aware of the formidability of an Alui and Mbunda unity. This element is bent on ensuring that such a unity never again takes place.


It is therefore, up to the Alui and Mbundas to take up the challenge of re-tracing our past with the intention of re-discovering and re-implementing the concept of unity in diversity which our forefathers taught us and which our enemies do not want us to know.


Mixing up present government appointments and the Barotseland Agreement 1964 is total confusion because the two are not related at all.


Barotse Territory outside Zambian Boundaries

The Barotseland Agreement 1964 should not be confused with Lozi territories outside Zambia. No Angolan, Namibian, Tswana or Zimbabwean Lozis were included in the Agreement. This Agreement only addresses the territory within the present boundaries of Zambia and its peoples. If there were other documented treaties concerning the “foreign” Barotse territories affirming that they indeed belonged to Barotseland then such issues could only be dealt with by the International Court of Justice. As for now and hopefully in the future when the issue of the BA’64 is being addressed, it would be irrelevant to even associate the Barotseland being referred to in the Agreement with the Barotse territories outside Zambia. However, we cannot deny those territories neither can we claim them based on the BA’64.



Based on their own submission to the Commission of Inquiry and what has been said above, our Mbunda relatives must realize that the restoration of the BA’64 will only make things worse for them. They should only be brave enough and seek reconciliation with their closest relatives, the Alui. Barotseland is their home too as Litunga Mulambwa had told them. This is not tribalism but self-determination which is a universal human right recognized in international law. True unity is not to be coerced or manipulated into adopting someone’s culture or indeed speaking someone’s language. Respectfully acknowledging each others differences and yet deliberately choosing to co-exist brings true unity.


The BA’64 was a uniting treaty alright just like a marriage is a uniting agreement and no such treaties necessarily addresses the issue of a possible separation. However, it is elementary knowledge that even marriage agreements get terminated on a daily basis the world over primarily due to breach of such agreements. Only a fool would dare think the BA’64 is different.


Thank you for publishing this response to our dear Mbunda relatives, Nkoyas and the rest included.

Shuwanga Shuwanga

75 Responses to Response to Mbunda people’ submission to Commission of Inquiry


What is wrong with you brothers and sisters in the Western province?
BMG - January 1, 2012

To Shuwanga Shuwanga,

You have confirmed that problems actually do exist between Mbundas, Nkoyas and other small tribes on one side and the Lozis (kaluis and Makololos) on the other. You have also testified about the discrimination and mistreatment of the Nkoyas, Mbundas, Chokwes and Luvales by people you call the Lozi extremists. You have also given evidence that actually the Limulunga Royal Village was constructed on land that belonged to a Mbunda Chief (It does remind one of the Muslems building a mosque on land were David built the Temple). Is this not planting seeds of future conflicts? Was this land given freely or it was coerced out of fear of death or some other punishment? Imagine someone tells you to move from your Lusaka property so that he can build his house there because he is more important than you and feels you are inferior to him, what chick is this?

Your explanation raises more questions than answers and reveals simmering problems that could explode if the secession went ahead. You also acknowledge that problems and skirmishes were a common occurrence even during the British rule in Western province between the Lozis on one side and Mbundas, Luvales, Chokwes etc on the other. Peace was only restored by the British army. These problems and skirmishes continued to the time of the BA64 and beyond. The Zambian people have noticed how angry the Nkoyas, Mbundas and other groups are about this Lozi entertainments of a Barotseland independence because they do understand the hidden issues, behind this demand. First of all no one believes you that Nkoyas, Mbundas and other tribes are with you in this because if they were, you could have been a separate state at independence 1964. But what is very clear is that the British were aware of these problems and the first government new about them. I can only assume that these other tribes cried to the British and the first government of KK secretly “not to leave us alone with the beast that will always subjugate us in perpetual slavery”. This is why the BA64 is a confused document which contradicts itself.


Shuwanga, this is a very serious situation indeed. Lets hypothesize that Western province gets that autonomy, who will be the paramount ruler of Western province? A Mbunda Chief or a Nkoya Chief, or a Luvale Chief or a Chokwe chief? Or the plan is a foregone conclusion that only the Lewanika who is a kalui will be the paramount ruler of western province with his prime Minister who will also be Lozi? Lets suppose Lozis are so generous as you want us to believe to allow a Mbunda (or from any other tribe in the western province) be Prime Minsiter, what positions will the other chiefs assume? That of being subsuvient to the Litunga who is not even a Mbunda, or Chokwe or Nkoya? Will this not be seen as displaying an absurd form of egotistic on the part of the Lozis? Wont the Lozis start feeling big headed and egotistic when they relate to other tribes in the western province. Is this what its all about? egotism, a false sense of self importance? Is this not a source of conflict? Do you think other tribes in western province don’t like to feel important and have their own as head of state? Do you think they only want to be ruled and abused by the Lozi tribe. This is why they became very happy at independence because they were liberated from the British colonialism and from Lozi tribal colonialism although this continued to the present day. Mbundas, Nkoyas, Chokwes are today crying that they don’t want Lewanika to send indunas to rule them. This is Lozi tribal colonialism.


Lozi Tribal Colonialism - December 30, 2011

People always compare the
Barotse issue with that of
Sudan, very true because
they have alot in common.
The smart one will check
this out. South and North were never one, just like
Barotse and Zambia. Its the
British that left all this

“….. Contrary to the myth
of a United Sudan, a
disastrous experiment,
which actually failed to
survive, South Sudan
evolution into a nation state contrast that of the
Northern Sudan. Perhaps
the only thing the South
and North Sudan has in
common throughout the
history is that the two are explicably linked by the
Nile River.

…… After the Unification of
the South and North of
Sudan in a policy known as
Sudanization, which was
put in full motion by early
1950s, one of such British Civil Servant wrote in
disgust that “without
protection the Southerners
will not be able to develop
along indigenous lines, will
be overwhelmed and swamped by the North and
deteriorate into servile
community hewing wood
and drawing water. To
pretend that there are not
fundamental differences between them is like
covering up a crack in the
tree trunk with moss”


Mwanaa Poho Yensu - December 28, 2011

If western province should secede,
Zambia will loose nothing much as the province is economically
Not important. Only the shape of the map Of zambia will change.

Even more those advocating for secession have no idea what making a state
Means and what resources are required. Little do they know that the
Zambian public Service will be withdrawn immediately including zesco.
In plain language I mean no police no defence, no health and no edu services.
No salaries from zambia govt for doctors nurses councils etc.

here are some historical facts worth noting about barotseland:

-lubosi who was born in 1942 changed his name to lewanika in 1885 when
He was restored as lozi chief.

-1889 lewanika signs treaty with Ware, a business man from kimberly in south africa
Giving him mineral rights in tongaland.

During negotiation with Ware the boundary for bulozi
was exegerated (by francois collard who was the interpretor) to include
Tonga and ila land in the south, lamba and lala land up north, kaonde lovale land
In north west.

-1889 BSA formally secures right to colonise over half of central africa – Vast land
stretching from north of the zambezi in the west to the shores of lake
Malawi in the east.

-This region was adminstratively divided into two regions north western rhodesia and
north eastern rhodesia. N W rhodesia included “bulozi proper” lewanika’s territory.

1889- a special law was passed (THE MOTHER OF ALL BLUNDERS) under this law
north western rhodesia was called bulozi or barotseland. North western rhodesia was
under the administrator nominated and appointed By the BSA Co.

-1890 27 th june litunga signs agreement lochner, handing mining rights over region in what
today lies southern Province central copperbelt and n western province to the BSA Co.
Litunga refuses to sell land inhabited by lozi peoplle. “Bulozi proper” effectively becomes
BSA Co protectorate.

1898 lewanika signed another treaty, the lawley treaty. He gave BSA Co admve power and
Power to make grants of land in ila and tonga country.

-1900 lewanika signed yet another treaty with BSA Co called Coryndon Treaty more admve
Power over north western rhodesia were given to whites, except bulozi proper.

-1905 BSA admive hq for north west rhodesia moved to livingstone.

-1911 north west and north east rhodesia combined as northern rhodesia

-1935 capital for nothern rhodesia moves to lusaka

-1924 BSA Co rule ends and northern rhodesia became a british protectorate.

-1964 northern rhodesia gained independence as republic of zambia. By declaration
Made in BA64 bulozi proper was Integral land of the new republic. No longer a BSA Co

shilesa - December 27, 2011

tell me do people divorce at 40 years or so?

Kukomoka Lifasi - December 24, 2011

If a may from the above letter by Shuwanga Shuwanga

“As for now and hopefully in the future when the issue of the BA’64 is being addressed, it would be irrelevant to even associate the Barotseland being referred to in the Agreement with the Barotse territories outside Zambia. However, we cannot deny those territories neither can we claim them based on the BA’64.”

Equally we Zambian will not recognise the BA’64 until other countries also recognise it. We also cannot deny its existence. Period. The agreement is for now for the history books.

Lungu the Nerd - December 23, 2011

Bembas are THIEVES by nature: if you look at their early life, the Bisa, which are a part of the Bemba, survived by raiding the ngoni… This explains why they are usaully likened to a monkey; monkeys are born thieves, snatchers: (please no disrespect, actually all my friends are bemba)
This clearly shows that Bembas are lazy, they did not farmor hunt, they lived in rocky areas… This is why we have so many bemba inmates at chibokaila, so many jerabos and con men like shimumbi, mark 2, mampi,dandy crazy, michael sata, mozegeta etc
When) was at state house, he quickly got rid of the velvet monkeys because they used to remind him of how his forefathers suffered from the Bisa raids…
That’s why RB wept when he lost the sept 20 election: he looked left, right, up and down, all he saw were fortified walls of nkwazi house and Thandiwe by his side; then he looked EAST, realised how far chipata was… The old man couldn’t hold himsef but brokedown and wept!
If it was during bible times we could have added another verse to the gospel saying ‘RB WEPT’
Thanks to thandiwe because that day she looked so bright, bold, eyes wide and white as if she was the one stepping down


lets have a referendum to determine which areas to include in barotse then grant them their wish. You also google the caprivi conflict for more info.

vya kulola vye - December 23, 2011

Honestly, even if you say Lozi is lingua, hence any tribe joining Barotseland has to adopt lozi your Sotho language(from south Africa) as their main language in schools, sorry that cannot work. lozis naturally are so descriminatory if you cannot speak their language they call you Munyukunyuku, no wonder Luvales, Lundas, kaonde etc adopted their own languages in schools because they could not belong to where they are treated as lapers. Many people do not care whether that Lozi is spoken anywhere, but what is important to them is not belonging to a descriminatory language.

Sililo - December 22, 2011

if there was oneness and coexistence in barotseland as you claim, why do you call other tribes like luvales “dogs and landless.” all those who have associated with these tribes in one environment for an extended period of time will tell you that there is no peace between them because
lozis what to dominate the other tribes. who would then agree to be part of this so called barotseland.

yebo - December 22, 2011

#Sikiti, Kebby Musokotwane had a name Sililo because his mother was Lozi related, you cannot base your opinion on names. There are people called Monde in other areas, but it does not mean they are Lozis, at times some names means something else in other tribes. Late Japhet Monde (MHSRIP)(Monze MP), someone who uses names to connect people to tribes would say he was Lozi, but he was pure Tonga. Some of these names are similar and mean something else in another language. The name Chuma is a Tonga name, it is found also in Nigeria among the Igbo people, therefore one cannot say whoever is called Chuma is Tonga in this world. Some Tonga names you find them in Zimbabwe, but that does not make you claim your zimbabwean status. The name Sichinga is found in the north and Southern province, then whoever you find by that name, you cannot claim to say he or she is Tonga, as names are similar in Zambia. In Southern you can find Musonda as a name meaning witch finder, but that does not make such a person bemba. So Lozis whoever Toka person you hear with a similar Lozi name, never you make a claim that he or she is Lozi, they are not Lozis and will never be.


I have seen the so-called map of Barotseland and all I can say is this: stupidity of the highest order.

Chinyopilo - December 22, 2011

@Kabwe Please go and concern yourself with issues regarding Northern and Luapula Provinces. Lozis (ethnicities or tribes that speak SiLozi/SiKololo have always lived in and around the Livingstone and Kazungula District. The peoples who live in this area predominately speak Toka Leya ( a mixture of Lozi and Tonga) and Silozi and not Tonga. Most villages in mambova speak Silozi as their first language. Even the Local name for the Victoria Falls is Lozi/Kololo i.e Mosi O Tunya. Tongaland proper starts from Pemba. You (Kabwe) had to learn Tonga at school because Kaunda made the change from Lozi to Tonga in 1972 so as to please the Tongas in his declaration of a one party state in 1972. And it was just convienient that Tonga be taught in and around Livingstone as it was the provincial capital of a predominantly Tonga Province.

Most Toka Leyas have Alui/Silozi (Kololo) names. Most prominent among these are:


2. Chief MUKUNI (Lui 4 Big Tree)

3. Judge MUSHABATI (Lui 4 Sand)

4. Chief SIPATONYANA (Lozi for small Duck)

5. Ex High Commission to UK Prof Royson MABUKU MUKWENA (Lui middle name (Mabuku) and Lozi/Kololo last name (Mukwena).


In short my dear Lozis have had a long association with this area for centuries. Around 1850 Livingstone was told that the curtain of water was called Mosi O Tunya. Go figure. I am Toka Leya myself with a lot of family members with Lozi names. I speak Toka Leya, Lozi and Tonga. I became fluent in Tonga because it was the medium of instruction in school. I am fluent in Toka Leya and SiLozi because I gre up speaking these languages. Honestly, I do not know what your problem is with Lozis!

Sikiti - December 22, 2011

Reading some of the comments on ZWD makes one believe that we deserve to be the worst in Maths and Reading . Actually i everything!

The Real Muntu - December 22, 2011

Chineeeke my God,…..Hey…Pliz God Help and Deliver us from this Non sense. Honestly am very very disapointed and shokd…..My pipo WHY WHY???? Look how many ZAMBIA are in ZAMBIA? Even sum one who has never been to school knows tht we only ve ONE ZAMBIA IN ZAMBIA,so where is this MADNESS and SELFINESS coming from? Of course from poor,selfish,outdated,liquidated,blind,dunderheads and Few confused and obsessed individuals…plz dnt tek pipo 4 grantd whn they are quite….Whether u likr it or not my pipo THS BAROTSE thing will never ever work…Do you know WHY?….If you’r in western province you knw ths better than anybody else….Tht land is jst too poor….theres completly nothing at all….i dnt think there can be a foolish investor who can invest in SAND and FISH…If ths place cant develop under GRZ then wht meks u pipo think u will mek a miracle to develop tht place? A lizard in Zambia can NEVER be a Crocodile in America….so jst swallow yr pride…humble yrslvs,apologise to ZAMBIA,and reconcile….u’r not special than any other tribe in Zambia if anythng you jst need to accept that u’r the poorest province so lobby and think how u can change ths agony…We will help u…and if u voted MR SATA thinking he will Grant you ths BAROTSE thing then u’r lost…I dnt think OUR president can mek such mistakes…He knws wht implications it can have on his image…hence he cant turnish his SMART image jst bcoz of ONE SELFISH tribe….NO NO NO….

Prince Bryan Willies - December 22, 2011

All these comments are from youths who were merely born yesterday and doesn’t know anything cz their heads are fullof nothing but pure water.the Mbundas have recognized the Barotseland agreement as valid and legal. The nkoyas who are making noise on this fora doesn’t know that Mwanawina the knight of the British empire who signed the BA64 was Half Nkoya with real nkoya blood running in his veins….its true a hand of a foreigner is in charge of dividing Barotseland but they will never succeed cz Nyambe(GOD)) is with us!!! The barotse Royal army will crush any aggressive fool, this time around we mean busness, no amount of propanda will sway our spirits from freeing Barotseland from tha shackles of Injustice. Wheather u re Nkoya or Mbunda your home is Barotseland, if you are not bold enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel, sit back let the aluyi lead the way.My humble advise to my fellow brothers and sisters who are against Barotseland,time is running out and we dont need any domestic conflicts, get united cz Barotseland is about to strike….!!!!

BAROTSE ARMY - December 22, 2011

Guys I think Zambia is losing it. Zambia is a Republic and not some Chiefdom. We can not go back to the primitive age of chiefdoms and start fighting territarial/tribal wars. That erra is gone! My appeal to gvt is BAN these chiefdoms. Chiefs should be spared BUT only as custodians of tradition (ceremonial). Nothing more. Land should never be or appear to be in the hands of Chiefs its wrong….land belongs to the republic. Gvt should encourage citizens(note: iam not saying subjects but citizens) to own land by giving them Title in these socalled ‘traditional lands’. This Zambia is a Republic!
Zambia will never go forward if we start to promote this Chiefdom nonsense.

mike - December 22, 2011

@ Ifipondo,

Mongu can never be your land. Get a life. which war are you talking about? Even the govt doesnt count on you? You usually segregate yourselves you people. Nkoyas may be, isin’i minaba bazamai.

Nyambangula lubosi lwa nyambe - December 22, 2011

Ok it seems the so called lozi want to clever,other pipo like us the mbunda and my brother koya do not want to part of that aggrement.Has some has pointed out take your on territory if its mongu take it and leave us in peace if yu wnt war we ll give yu and c if luanda wont be there.

ifipondo - December 22, 2011

Lesotho and swaziland which are inside the borders of south africa were granted independence.
30 tribes lived happly together in lewanikas kingdom.

zambelina - December 22, 2011

@ck. I am with you with this one. We just need one who is courageous enough to ‘kill’ the tribe like Chairman Mao. It is working well in Tanzania where there are no chiefs except for Mala Mala region (bush)

waresfdcgt - December 22, 2011

…..day 89

GRZ Official - December 22, 2011


Each time i read your comments, its like the sky is falling down,you seem to be protecting something in Livingstone? Do you know who is a Toka-leya? thats a Tonga – Lozi child this was before “SIPALO” others call it teaching you a lesson, if you are sensible get a thing or two from this. FYI HIS EXCELLENCY MR C. M. SATA has two LOZI children i wont mention the mother here. and this man is really about to honor this vital agreement. Take your madness out of this site.

muwaniwa - December 22, 2011

@ zambelina you are 109% correct, the way the pf is discriminating against other tribes leaves much to be desired. just look at the cabinet,diplomatic service, civil service it is only a bemba family forest.
The barotse agreement is our only salvation for non bemba.

Yugoslavia was doomed coz THE SERBS were greedy like pf ignoring other tribes in appointmemts.

barry white - December 22, 2011

Mbundas your concerns are a non-stater many of you came into Barotseland during the 60′s when your country was heated with the bloody wars (UNITA VS MPLA)You chaps should not be a problem if you want the Kingship please leave for Angola, Bulozi ki bwaluna kanti kini? Give us peace. We know you! mawiko tuni, mang’ete. Mubata kulupaleliswa seo lusitokwa ili kupumeha!!!

mwikulya mukwae sanana (Kalaluka) - December 22, 2011

There is confusion in Western province. That’s why Kolwestans will always rule small tribes like Makololo(Lozi). Let Sata rule!!

Tateyoyo - December 22, 2011

dear all tribes of barotseland,
the litinga had protected all tribes from being taken as slaves during the slave trade which deprived africans of manpower then. now that he protected you guys, was so kind a king to allow you even speak your own languages,marry your fellow tribesman. now that you have pupolated and you have forgotten where you are coming from you want to claim our land.


i advise you to just hamble your selves and see what will be the outcome of these historical development. One thing i would remind all blogers is that MuLozi ki mattaa-matta ya Tou meaning lozi has power power of an elephants for this reason we never fail but always succed in our endeavour.

simbotwe - December 22, 2011

If the USSR which was run by highly educated “MUZUNGUS” could collapse what is.special about zambia.?
remember eritria was part of ethiopia.
remember south sudan was part of sudan
remember yugoslavia it has disentigrated
remember namibia.lesotho. swaziland. and botswana were governed by south africa.

zambelina - December 22, 2011

BarosteLand was a british protectorate while northern rhodesia was a british colony. a chiefs influence or dominion is determined by the existent of territories paying royalties to him and this can not be denied that lambas on the copperbelt, lugndas, luvales etc in NWP, lenjes in central province and tongas in southern province all paid royalties to the litunga. the litunga conquered these and brought them under his dominion hence their paying of royalties.

in short all these areas were part of his tcerritory. shall study history even from google since we have plenty of internet we will find all the info we need on this topic.

chilubi island - December 22, 2011

Ba Kabwe,
i dont think you are factual. All i know is that Chief Moomba is a Nkoya and not a Toka Leya.Please research on the internet and within 10 minutes this fact will be proved .

mike.muyunda - December 22, 2011

Am enjoying reading the tricks of a humble looking litunga but with an eagle like eye trying to spot its percieved prey. We know western province has nothing apart from the seasonal poison, ‘the floods’, which apart from just being celebrated, it kills some of their fools. Let them just continue fishing “ndombe” (bable fish) and growing rice. They may become the next china in terms of rice growing. Please remind the lozis that livingstone, nakambala sugar estates, the copperbelt and lumwana are not theirs. If they want some fortune, they have plenty of sand which they can be exporting 2 china. My advice to the lozis is that just approach your richest man litunga who is ungreatful but swindles even his subjects, maybe he can tar the roads in sandy barotse. What idiocy! Pray to your nyambe to give you more good resources and not just sand. Stop polluting our media with the litunga untimely gues work. One zambia one nation…! Period. The teacher

Chikwanu - December 22, 2011

One zambia one nation.dream on if u think ba64 will come to pass.heehee!eeeeee…

Tiko - December 22, 2011

Us kaonde know through correct history that THRRE IS NO. TRIBE CALLED LOZI.
lozi is a corruption of barotse.
Barotse simply means the people of barotseland.( 30 tribes mbunda luvale,nyengo,tototela,subiya,nkoya just to mention a few)
The language spoken SILOZI is actualy SISOTHO from south africa.
The first lozi dictionary was on sisotho brought by sibitwani the colonial ruler of batotseland for 20years.

zambelina - December 22, 2011

The map is a propaganda tool, noway, can the painting in red denote, a handful of Mbundas who came during the time of Mulambwa. There shouldn’t be any mix with the temporary refugee settlers in Kaoma and Nangweshi. How can Kabulamema, a predominatly Nkoya and Lunda area in Kabombo (Kapombo) be classfied, a heavy density Mbunda area. Kaoma, Lukulu, Senanga,etc have light spots of Mbunda settlememnts, and they late coming cannot and will never qualify them to be indegenenous. The best way out, is yes, the Lozi speaking people must own up, accept the hard fact that Nkoya were the early settlers in Western Zambia, followed by Aluyi, the Kollolo and Mbundas with a handful, later of Luvale and Luchazi. Give free traditional autonomy to Nkoyas and Mbundas without adding new chiefs. Call for Royal Rep and agree on new Barotseland. Then BA-64 shall be a rallying point for Mbundas and Nkoyas. As for appointments, Sata does not know the complexity of W.P. He asks Inonge and Mubukwanu, Lozis; and pass on names to him. If we cannot trust you with the little you get from Zambian govt, what more with your own! Start now, show unity in the current jobs. Kunahu, kunamana.

fact muntu - December 22, 2011

Mr Yamabayamba, owing to your long submission, i wish to say, dont add salt on a fresh wound, in the first place i find it rather disrespectfull to out rightly make such conclusions. In all fairness, the aluyi will deserve the right and that we should all accept, Nevertheless, the way to advance that cause is extremely questionable. So lets not belitle other pipo owing to there weak rationale.

Unza Blue - December 22, 2011

We seriously need to abolish chiefdoms because they are detrimental to our development. See what Mpezeni is doing at State House, the crook is just after creates of beer period.

Kalimba - December 22, 2011

Its so unfortunate that even after 47yrs of independence we still have so many ignorant people in Zambia who always want to parade their ignorance. Call us names or whatever you choose we wont give up. The good thing is most of us Lozis are intelligent and we can easily read through your thick heads. The BA64 concerns us not you and thats why we seek clarification from the powers that be. Mukuze feela mina manyukunyuku

Mukwae - December 22, 2011

Most of the people against are bembas, what is your own in this matter?no one wants any of your cursed lands…..i am a complete toka leya,i am a barotzish,we should work with our brothers, we will be better off let the bembas in their huge majority numbers rot…tuli bantu bomwe,twazwa kule antomwe, tuta anzanyi manza abama lozi, mba bululu besu basa

Hu dey se - December 22, 2011

#Zambia-man, there is no way we can negotiate or implement a document which lack legitimacy. It is like someone steals a title deed from a neighbour and takes it to Lusaka City council to register the house in his own name not in the owner of the title deed. Would you say that is legitimate?. Even if a signatory at Lusaka City council signs that document, it will still remain ilegal because that was misrepresentation. Ask yourselve, who gave Mwanawina authority among all the chiefs of the land he included in that Barotseland to document to say everyone wanted to belong to their Barotseland. How can one chief raise to say all thse belong to me, who gave him those powers?. yes kaunda signed, let them take him to task for signing their ilegitimate document and not the owners of the land. It is a know fact that non- of all the zambian tribes wants to be ruled by a Lozi chief who they did not give authority to preside matter for them.

Chomba - December 22, 2011


Zambian_Man - December 21, 2011



Zambian_Man - December 21, 2011

This era talking about the issue of chiefs atase. If I became president I would wipe out all these traditional rulers they offer almost nothing. What is the all issue about the Lozis and what ever others are calling themselves, its a shame that all this is going on.

ck - December 21, 2011

Listen to this:

”We would like to commend the Mbunda people for making such a brave submission to the just ended Commission of Inquiry into the Barotseland shootings.”

Sounds like a master who has just realised that his slave has taken a step of bravely against him!

What utter arrogance!

Libweka - December 21, 2011

#yamba yamba, For real it seems many Lozis are so blind about the implication of this BA64, at times I even laugh at the learned ones. It is good some reasonable ones are now accepting the fact that the document lacked legitimacy, as they wanted to dupe tribes whose land they included. If it was legitimate from the beginning, those tribes whose land was included could have signed consents that they wanted to belong to Barotseland, even before taking the document for signing. The silence by many tribes outside western province indicate that they were not part and parcel of it, so it does not affect them, and that someone behind their backs was trying to be dubious. The best Lozis can do is to accept facts that the BA64 had no legitimacy even before signing it, that was one tribe trying to be smart, to enslave other tribes. let us not just look as the time of signing it to say it gained legitimacy, anyone can sign even a fake document, but it’s legality would be determined by experts who know the law. Honestly, this is a jock, how can all these tribes start bending to one chief of the Lozis who they have no regard of what so ever, leaving their own chiefs whom they value.

Chomba - December 21, 2011

yambayamba u are a man. u hav said all i wanted to say. u hav very good knowledge of the lozi:greedy and full of themselves!even their own her hav inter-married and stay elsewhere they are quick to point at this. do these pipo know wat ethinic conflicts can bring? have u ever seen pipo killing their neighbor they hav ben friendly with for 20yrs?

Pwele - December 21, 2011

Before 1964, Western Province was known as Barotseland was it not???

Lets GET REAL and lets be honest Western Province has been neglected. Man, C’mon why???? No wonder why there is this situation……

It needs to be sorted out and enough of the yapping!! and it’s a very complicated one…… But it needs to be sorted!!!!!!!!

2012 is round the corner - December 21, 2011

Shiwanga Shiwanga, please stop dreaming! Marriages get terminated on the “whim” because there are subsequent laws in our law books that provide for such matters. Try divorcing in Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, whose divorce laws (if any) are scanty at best and none-existent at worst, and see how far you get with your divorce theories. The BA’64 is like divorce laws in some of these Muslim countries I have mentioned—it does not provide for such! And the Mbunda submission acknowledges this plain fact which you people who purport to be learned “Aluis” somehow find it convenient to omit every time you discuss this issue. Why sir? So the dream that the BA’64 somehow allows you, the “Alui extremists” to connive and separate from Zambia is simply that, A DREAM! Therefore, your analogy of Marriage separations as far as the BA’64 goes does not hold water.


Furthermore, why do you insist on this “Alui supremacy” in Western province? It is only when other tribes in that area set history straight do you even acknowledge their humanity and existence. If you concede the fact that Barotseland does not include territories in neighboring countries such as Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, how about the territories within Zambia which your Litunga had no legitimacy whatsoever to claim as his do about their inclusion in this agreement? Here, I have in mind the chiefs of Lambas, Luvales, Kaondes, Lenjes, and so forth. What is their stake in this whole BA’64 thing? To me, it seems even you yourselves have no idea how far reaching and fraudulent the BA’64 was. For once, if the BA’64 is such a unifying document, let other tribes champion the cause. Unless of course the Alui believe the BA’64 is theirs and theirs alone. But the silence of these tribes should tell you what you need to know about their feelings on this BA’64 issue—-they don’t care much about it because they do not or have they ever considered themselves subjects of the Litunga. The only tribes you hear complain about this whole thing are the Nkoyas, Mbundas, and a few others who you Aluis have subjugated and imposed your will on them for years, NOT Lambas, Kaondes, Lenjes, and the like. So define the borders of this Barotse nation first and not the imagined ones in the BA’64. At least it is a start that you have now conceded the “Barotse territories” in other countries. However, it will soon dawn on you that the so called Barotse Nation was a fraud from the start!


By the way, you can not claim that it is just a few misinformed Aluis who have made Mbundas and other tribes in Western Province feel like squatters in their own country. “Lozis” naturally have a tendency of calling and making anybody who is not Lozi (Alui) feel like they do not belong (Manyukunyuku). This is one reason why Western Province is so underdeveloped because no one feels it is worthy investing in an area where people are such unwelcoming. In fact I have met Lozis who feel more comfortable doing business anywhere else but their own place, WP (I once had a brother-in-law who felt this way). What you guys need to do is come off of this high-horse and live in reality for once. You can not force people to be allies in a cause they feel they have no stake. The BA’64 was a greedy agreement meant to protect the interests of a few privileged Litunga blood line. These are the same people who have collected copper mineral loyalties for years on behalf of the Lambas and Kaondes. A tribes the Litunga never even conquered a headman—-this should tell you the extent of their imaginations and greed. They managed to hoodwink the Colonial British govt but they will never succeed doing the same or continue this lie. The sons and daughters of the forefathers in this “imaginative” Barotse nation will not simply sit back and concede their God given rights and be forced to “worship” some chief in the name of a “Litunga” fimo fimo, No! Nkoyas and Mbundas are only the beginning.

Yambayamba - December 21, 2011

This document was fake from the beginning even if KK signed it. It is like someone signing a fake title deed. So these Lozis wanted a fake document which had no backing from the owners of the land which was included to go through without opposition, shame. What is fake will always be, or what is done behind other people’s back will alway fail. It was illegal first before even KK signed that document, to include people’s land to barotseland. Barotseland is Mongu, and Lozis should accept that fact.

Chomba - December 21, 2011

Within 90 days, Barotseland Agreement 1964 will be restored. If you think the January 14 shooting were anything to form a commission about, wait until you con the maLozi. It will just look like a children’s picnic

Lunte - December 21, 2011

Map of Barotseland:

Pwele - December 21, 2011


1165B - December 21, 2011

Look at Africans, so much energy and yet invested into wrong ends all together. I wish the vehemency exhibited by all parties thus far was towards building a sustainable future, alas into unproductive ends devoid of reason and logic. I wonder who the author is referring to by foreign hand!! Common we can do better, the mbunda write up was even better than this coz it was backed by some level of researched data. This is nothing but an opinion which am afraid may not be representative of the aluyi. My question therefore is who is your sponsor mr author???

Unza Blue - December 21, 2011

#hapo, can you imagine, this whole map shown here covers the illegally claimed land of people who even have know knowledge that someone somewhere was including there land behind their backs. People are now waking up to the reality of how dubious this Lozi chief was. the truth is that the document KK was fake thats why it was never implemented. If it was legal, signature of chiefs who wanted to belong to Barotseland was going to be included before even presenting it to KK and the colonialists.

Kabwe - December 21, 2011

I like where this writer put to says’even marriages world over can break’, fine, let these people who call themselves Lozis leave these two tribes the Nkoyas and Mbundas who do not want to be part of barotseland. Take whatever little land is there for you which will be left out by these majority tribes. If it will be Mongu alone, you can make it your Brotseland, period. It is true you do not force people to belong to you if they do not see any good or advantage. nowadays people want self determination and not to be ruled by a Chief who would be the one recomending appointments to certain portfolio. This barotse thing is just not fair to other people, if it was everyone was going to be recognised as one, not certain chiefs are the ones who are suppose to be gazzated as seniors because they belong to a special tribe. This treatment of treating others special is what makes people feel not recognised, if we claim to be one and united, then no one should be regarded special. People want to belong where there is equality, not where you are regarded as second class.

Kabwe - December 21, 2011

HH HH HH HH HH HH is our future hope!!

Iris kaingu - December 21, 2011

I was born and brought up in Kazungula a town after livingstone when you are heading towards Western province, I was tought Tonga at my primary school called Makunka Primary. My father use to work at the clinic there, but never did I hear anyone speaking in Lozi, but Tokaleya and in school we use to learn Tonga, period. lozis claim livingstone because Tokaleyas allowed you to settle, but do not take them for granted as they are not part and parcel of your Barotseland issue. I one time went beyond livinstone to Zimbabwe, where the people on the other side also speak Tonga as their language, but due to the influence of Shona and Ndebele some speak abit of these languages.

Kabwe - December 21, 2011

Is the map shown above the whole Barotseland?

hapo - December 21, 2011

you also seem not to know the boundaries of Brotseland. Livingstone is in Southern province, yes there are many Lozis who have settled there and Toka leyas the owners of the land never count themselves to be Lozis, these are Tongas. Barotseland starts from Mulobezi and not Livingstone, have you ever wondered why people of Kazungula a district after Livingstone city do not speak any Lozi but toka a language related to tonga, actually they learn Tonga in Schools. just Because there are many Bembas from Luapula on the Copperbelt, does not make Copperbelt to be part of Luapula, big NO. Recently Chief Moomba of the Toka people was having langles over land with a Lozi Chief Inyambo Yeta because Tokas belong to Southern province and have never counted themselves to be any close to Lozis. Whenever there is an important guest in Livingstone such as IMF representative, he visits chiefs like Musokotwane and Mukuni because they are the owners of that land which was developed to be a city of livingstone, and not the Litunga of Western province who is not even counted in the area. People should check their maps of Zambia to know where Western province starts. I lived in Livingstone and beyond, Tokas of all surrounding chiefs learn Tonga in their schools and not Lozis, then how can Lozis claim the City only, can they shift it or what? what would happen to the people surrounding the city who are affected by the pollution from the city. How can Easterners claim that Lusaka city belongs to them despite many people speaking Nyanja, and just because it is developed, and say Chongwe does not belong to us, do they know who is behind that development. Chief mukuni, Musokotwane and other zambian stakeholders are the ones behind the development in livingstone

Kabwe - December 21, 2011

The Alui:

”However, it is elementary knowledge that even marriage agreements get terminated on a daily basis the world over primarily due to breach of such agreements. Only a fool would dare think the BA’64 is different.”

The Mbunda:


”This document Mr. Chairman, as you know it is a one way root and does not call for secession. People of Western Province voted for President Sata because he promised them restoration of Barotseland Agreement not secession.”

Which one is correct?

Mwine Mushi - December 21, 2011

The ‘foreign’ hand being the PF government.

Kolwestan - December 21, 2011

If Zambians could be objective HH can do Zambia proud!

KAYOMBO - December 21, 2011



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