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16-5-2011    16:20 hrs


Mbunda History Book 2011 Edition Launched in Luena, Angola

Luena residents in Moxico Province, Angola, woke up to a rear announcement on Radio Luena on 15th May 2011 that the Mbunda History Book "Chikota Cha Vambunda Kuthan'ulu Na Chithemwa Chavo" has arrived and launched in Angola, following an interview with the National Chairman for Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association, Ndandula Libingi in the company of the Mbunda Historian Mr. Pedro Kameya Chavaya. On 16th May 2011, Ndandula Libingi was yet again given a telephone interview on Radio Ngola, announcing the arrival of the Mbunda History Book in Angola. On both interviews the National Chairman called upon all Mbunda Speaking People to stop finger pointing amongst them, but work with and support the Government of the day, led by the MPLA leadership to develop their land which has been ruined by wars. He further called on Mbunda Speaking People, who are Mbunda Mathzi, Mbunda Yauma, Mbunda Mbalango, Mbunda Nkangala, Mbunda Ndundu, Mbunda Sango and Mbunda Shamuka to begin by identifying themselves through the knowledge they will acquire by reading the Mbunda History Book.  


The Mbunda history book was launched at the Ministry of Cultures offices in Luena. At the launch, all tribes in Luena, Moxico Province were invited and urged to form Associations like the Mbunda Speaking People have done. It was emphasised that culture is not about dancing and carvings only but also documenting one's culture for the sake of the young generation.


The National Chairman for Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association, Ndandula Libingi called upon the Mukanda/Makithi Practising Communities to preserve the Mukanda Initiation Custom and the Makithi. The belief that Mukanda and Makithi is demonic is not true.  The Mukanda circumcision was once looked at as evil, but today people are rushing to hospitals for circumcision because of the AIDS scourge. Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association have documented the Mbunda Mukanda and Makithi for male initiation and Litungu or Vwali for female initiation.


In the Mbunda history book, Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association has documented the chronology of the Mbunda Monarch from 15th Century, trekking southwards from the now Sudan, through Kola and confluence of Kwilu and Kasai rivers in the now Congo DRC to the founding of Mbundaland in the now Angola. It further goes to highlight the immigration of Mbunda Speaking People from Angola to Zambia and Namibia, starting in the year 1795.


The national Chairman further revealed that, in line with the declaration by UNESCO of a ‘Mother language day’ this year promoting the non extinction of mother languages, Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association has embarked on an ambitious programme that answers to that declaration. This programme will also help National Governments where Mbundas are found to have literature for teaching Mbunda language in schools.


Therefore for the year 2011 the Association has planned following activities in reducing the illiteracy of the Mbunda Speaking People:


  1. A Portuguese version of the Mbundas History book has been translated in Angola, awaiting funds for printing.


  1. A Mbunda-English Chishete/Encyclopedia has been developed and awaiting printing.  This is a store house or a research module for all Mbunda school literature to be developed starting from primary to secondary school levels. Out of this the Mbunda-Portuguese Chishete/Encyclopedia will be translated.


  1. The Mbunda-English Dictionary has been developed awaiting printing and out of this the Mbunda-Portuguese Dictionary will be translated.


  1. The English version of the Mbunda History Books is being revised as a second edition in line with the Mbunda version that has been printed.


Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association therefore believe that with support from all Mbunda Speaking in Angola, Congo DRC, Namibia and Zambia, the above programme will be a pilot project for other languages to follow.


In Angola the 325 page Mbunda History Book is selling at 1,500 Kwanzas almost 20.00 US$.



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