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I recognize and give respect to all the dignitaries, chiefs and all of you gathered here today.


I would like to sing you a song, sung by one of our earlier Monarchs, King Nkonde when he led Mbundas out of Congo into Angola, and I want you to respond after me.


            Mbunde eelelo, tambula kwende eoo….

                        Ohooo, tambala kwende eee.

            Vambunda voxe tambula kwende eoo….

                        Ohooo, tambala kwende eee.

            Oxe umunalume eeo.


            Oxe umunalume eee, ha ngimbu yave eee…

                        Woooo, woooo, tambula kwende eee…

            Oxe umunakathzie eeo.


            Oxe umunakathzie eee, ha litemo lyove eee…

                        Woooo, woooo, tambula kwende eee…


I thank you.



Your Majesty, King Mbandu III.


Your Honor, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Territory.


Your Honor, Governor of Moxico Province.


Your Excellency, The Angolan Ambassador in Zambia, Pedro Neto.


Your Royal Highness, Chief Kandala from Zambia.


Your Royal Highness, Chief Chiyengele also from Zambia.


All Dignitaries and Chiefs gathered here today.


All Protocol observed, Brothers and Sisters.



We are from Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association.  You Mbundas in Lumbala Nguimbo wrote to us, requesting us to bring you back your Mbunda Kingdom that went to Zambia.


So, we have brought you, His Majesty King Mbandu III, who today is seated on his throne. We have done all what you requested us to do, we have brought the throne, the crown and all what was neede to restore the Mbunda Kingdom and install the King. We have not only brought you your Kingdom, but also your Culture that went into Zambia. That Culture, you have seen for yourselves by way of the Masked Makithi who are standing there. That is indeed the Mbunda Culture.


Let me tell you that the King seated there on his throne, is a great King. He is not only King for Angola, but for all Mbundas in Angola, Namibia and Zambia. Therefore, all Mbunda Chiefs in those Countries I have mentioned are junior to the King we have installed here today. We say he is the Mbunda King, therefore he is indeed King for Mbundas in Angola, Namibia and Zambia.


Now, some of you may want to know what is this “Cheke” we belong to? Cheke Cha Mbunda is an Association promoting Mbunda Culture in Zambia. We revive, protect and defend our Culture from foreign influences in order for it not to be contaminated or diluted by other additions. It is an important Culture.


Cheke is an old Association which was formed as long back as 1956. What have we done since that time?

1)    We have printed and published a book called “The History and Cultural Life of The Mbunda Speaking Peoples. This book was first published in English and later translated and published in Mbunda Language. It gives you the known history of the Mbunda Speaking Peoples all the way from their first Monarch, King Kuungu in Congo to His Majesty, King Mbandu III seated on the throne today.

2)    We have translated the Bible. Those who will be attending the anointing of the King in Church, tomorrow, will see it. It is truly in Mbunda Language.

3)    What else are we doing? We are uniting all the seven Mbunda dialects. These are: Mbunda Mathzi, Mbunda Shamuka, Mbunda Ndundu, Mbunda Mbalango, Mbunda Nkangala, Mbunda Yauma and Mbunda Sango. All these dialects are Mbundas originating from our first Monarch, King Kuungu. Here in Angola, I am informed there is also another dialect called Mbunda XaXa. This therefore increases Mbunda dialects to eight.

4)    It is our objective that all Mbunda Chiefs in Zambia know each other and unite. These are: Chief Chiyengele and Chief Kandala in Mongu; Chief Mundu and Chief Lindeho in Kalabo; Chief Kasimba and Chief Kasavi in Kaoma; Another Chief Chiyengele and Senior Chief Sikufele in Kabompo; and Chief Kandombwe in Lukulu. All these Chiefs were not close before to know each other well enough. But now they are communicating by telephones. We want them to unite, because they are all our Mbunda Chiefs.


What else do we want to do in future?

1)  We want all the books we have published, to be reprinted, to reach Angola so that you can read your history and know it.

2)  We want to produce a Mbunda Dictionary, so that those that do not know Mbunda can learn it.

3)  We also want to segment the History book we have published into small booklets with titles like: The Kolongongo War; The Mbunda/Chokwe War, where our cousinship stems from; The immigration of some Mbunda Chiefs like Chief Mundu, Chief Kandala and Chief Chiyengele from Angola to Barotseland of Zambia. This is to facilitate for those that cannot afford to buy the whole history book but can afford small and cheaper booklets, in order for them to read about their history and know it.


Now before I finish, I want to give due respect to the Angolan Government. When you invited us to bring back your Kingdom and Culture, we realized that we did not have enough money to transport our dance troupes and Masked Mbunda Makithi you have seen today.


We decided to write to our President, His Excellency, Jose Eduardo dos Santos in Luanda, to help us achieve this task. Indeed, our letter was delivered by the Angolan Ambassador to Zambia, His Excellency, Pedro Neto. In return, His Excellency, Neto told us to give him a budget. We therefore submitted a budget of US$ 20,000.00 and to our delight, our President Eduardo dos Santos received that budget and approved it. That is the money which was sent to Zambia and enabled us to bring back your Kingdom and Culture.


We therefore, thank our Government most sincerely for this important gesture.


I now want to comment a bit on our Culture. It is a very rich Culture indeed.  If practiced here in Angola often, it would help in wooing Tourists to Angola, Moxico Province and Lumbala Nguimbo in particular.  This will eventually bring development to Lumbala Nguimbo.  How, you may ask?   As citizens here, you will be encouraged to build good lodges and eventually attract the Government to make improvements to the local Airport, to cater for the visitors who would like to come and see this Culture.


I can only hope that, with the help from our Government, you will continue to commemorate the restoration of the Mbunda Kingdom annually and practice your Culture.


I thank you all.

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His Majesty King Mbandu IV,
Joăo Pedro Mussole
of The Mbunda People
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