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Succession List of Mbunda Royal Families To The Mbunda Monarchy


The Mbunda Migration Routes from Sudan with Their Royal Families:



According to the history, customs, traditions and Mbunda Constitution, the Mbunda Monarchy does not belong to a particular or single Mbunda Royal Family. From the first Mbunda Monarch King Nkuungu in KOOLA, now Congo DRC to King Mbandu III Mbandu Lifuti the 23rd Mbunda Monarch, Mbundas had always selected their Monarchs from different Mbunda Royal Families and not a "Person-To-Holder" Royal Family. However, the historical Mbunda Monarcy succession list of Mbunda Royal Families is as follows:

1).    King Nkuungu,
the first Mbunda Monarch in KOOLA

         now Congo DRC;

        King Nkuungu Royal Family:
        (i).    Princess Naama.

2).    Queen Naama, succeeded her father King Nkuungu;

        Queen Naama Royal Family:
        (i).    Princess Yamvu,
        (ii).   Prince Nkonde,
        (iii).   Princess Lukokesha Mema Kafu Mbwita.

3).    Queen Yamvu, succeeded her mother Queen Naama, in

       the Royal Family of King Nkuungu;

        Queen Yamvu Royal Family with her brother

        Prince Nkonde:
        (i).    Prince Katongo
        (ii)   Prince Chiti,
        (iii).   Prince Nkole,


          This family remained in a the marriage of Queen Yamvu

          to a hunter from a Luba ethnic group, the origin of the

          Bemba ethnic group in Zambia.

King Nkonde, succeeded her sister Queen Yamvu, in

        the Royal Family of Queen Naama

        King Nkonde Royal Family with his sister Princess

(i).    Prince Chinguli,
        (ii).   Prince Chimbangala,
        (iii).  Prince Yambayamba,
        (iv)   Prince Nkonde,
        (v).   Prince Chombe.

5).    King Chinguli, succeeded his father King Nkonde, in

        the Royal Family of Queen Naama;

        King Chinguli Royal Family:
        (i).    Princess Mbaao,
        (ii).   Prince Nkonde,
        (iii).  Prince Luputa,

        King Chiundi Chinguli, was sent by his father King

        Nkonde scout for better settlement lands for the Mbunda

        people due to challenges at the confluence of kwilu and

        Kasai river settlement in Congo DRC.

         A large group of the Mbunda King Chinguli in his

         expedition southwards from the confluence of Kwilu and

         Kasai rivers, entering the now Angola through the lands

         now inhabited by the Ovimbundu. In setting camps

         along different rivers during the expedition, some

        of the Mbunda in the group settled in those rivers and

         either named after those rivers or their chiefs.

        These Royal Families of the Chinguli Monarch of the

        Mbunda are now named as follows:
        (i).    Mbunda-Luimbi,

             Chief Luimbi

        (ii).   Mbunda-Luchazi, a break away from the Luimbi.

             Chief Mutunda wa Ngongola "the fire lighter,who

              lit the fire in the bush and Royalties enjoyed

               warming themselves, in reference to King

               Yambayamba Kapanda and Chief Chingumbe".

     (iii).  Mbunda-Ngonjelo,
(iv).  Mbunda-Chimbandi,
(v).   Mbunda-Nyemba,
(vi).  Mbunda-Humbi,
(vii). Mbunda-Songo,
(ix).  Mbunda-Ncheya.

6).    Queen Mbaao, succeeded her father King Chinguli, in the Royal

        family of King Nkonde;

        Royal Family of Queen Mbaao:
(i).    Princess Kaamba,
        (ii).   Princess Mbayi,
        (iii).  Prince Kwandu,
        (iv).  Prince Chondela,
        (v).   Prince Lilu.

7).    Queen Kaamba, succeeded her Queen Mbaao, in the Royal family

        Of King Chinguli;

        Royal Family of Queen Kaamba:
(i).    Prince Chingwanja,
        (ii).   Prince Mulondola,
        (iii).  Prince Ndongo,
        (iv).  Princess Muyeji,
        (v).   Princess Katheke-theke,
8).    King Chingwanja, succeeded her Queen Kaamba, in the Royal

        family of Queen Mbaao;


        Royal Family of King Chingwanja:

        (i).    Prince Lweembe,
        (ii).   Prince Nkonde,
        (iii).  Prince Nkombwe,
        (iv).  Prince Ndongo,
        (v).   Prince Mwiinga,
        (vi).  Prince Kamenga,
        (vii). Princess Vipalo,
        (viii).Prince Luputa.


9).    King Lweembe, succeeded his father King Chingwanja, in the Royal family of Queen Kaamba;

        Royal Family of King Lweembe:
(i).    Prince Katete

        (ii).   Prince Mununga,
        (iii).  Prince Kathangila,
        (iii).  Prince Chondela,
        (iv).  Princess Mukenge.

10). King Katete, succeeded his father King Lweembe, in the Royal

       Family of Queen Kaamba;


       Royal Family of King Katete:
       King Katete never left a child.


11).   Queen Mukenge, succeeded her brother King Katete, in

       the Royal Family of King Lweembe;


       Royal Family of Queen Mukenge:   

        (i).    Prince Kathangila,
        (ii).   Princess Naama,
        (iii).  Princess Chioola,
        (iv).  Princess Muulo,
        (v).   Princess Mununga.


          Queen Mukenge was the last female Mbunda Monarch due to the

       Mukanda Circumcision ritual deemed as a ritual for Mbunda Chiefs

       which every Mbunda Monarch shall be required to undergo before

       ascending to the throne.


12). King Kathangila, succeeded her mother Queen Mukenge in the

       Royal Family of King Lweembe


         Royal Family of King Kathangila:   

         This is the Royal Family that migrated with King Kathangila to

       Cuando Cubango, in his expedition that was eulogised in a Mbunda

       song; "Kathangila kapanga Miyati" ("Kathangila the divider of

       Tribes"). As a confirmation of that song, the expedition of King

       Kathangila brought about the following Mbunda dialects:

        (i).    Mbunda-Yauma,

        (ii).   Mbunda-Nkangala,

        (iii).  Mbunda-Ndundu,

        (iv).  Mbunda-Mashaka.


       Mbunda-Yauma Royal Families During The Reign of King


            (i).    Chief Mbiya,
        (ii).   Chief Kalomo,
        (iii).   Chief Kawewe, in Kuthsyi river region,
        (iv).  Chief Nkinda, in Kuthsiyi river region,
        (v).   Chief Lifuti, in Kuthsyi river region,

            (vi).  Chief Vunonge vwa Kaliki,

        (vii).  Chief Chithali,

        (viii). Chief Mwene Limbuti,

        (ix).  Chief Limbuti Chikulundunda,

        (x).   Chief Lyova Chikoka,

        (xi).  Chief Chinoya Lyova,

        (xii).  Chief Kangwengwe, in Cuando river region,

        (xiii).  Chief Limbangu, in Cuando river region,

        (xiv). Chief Munguli wa Putu, in Cuando,

        (xv).  Chief Kativa ka Chombe, in Kembo river region,

        (xvi). Chief Chipoke, in Kembo river region,

        (xvii). Chief Chikeva, in Kembo,

        (xviii).Chief Kaliki ka Mambeli Mutheke, in Kembo river region,

        (xix). Chief Lyova, in Thutuyi tributary region of Kuthsiyi river,


       Mbunda-Nkangala Royal Families During The Reign of King


          (i).    Chief Mukonda Kambindomyoka, in Lyawila tributary region

                      of Cuando river,

          (ii).   Chief Chameya Kanyanga who succeeded Chief

                 Kambindomyoka, in Lyawila river region.

        (iii).   Chief Thumpu wa Lingendthzo, in Lyawila river region,

        (iv).  Chief Kambindomyoka ka Chithenko, in Lyawila river region,

        (v).   Chief Mukonda, in Lyawila river region,

        (vi).  Chief Chinkelenga, in Kuweyu tributary region of Kwandu


        (vii).  Chief Ngunga, in Kwitu Kwanavale region,

        (viii). Chief Kameya, in Kwitu Kwanavale region,

        (ix).   Chief Kwangu, in Kwitu Kwanavale region,

        (x).   Chief Mbangu ya Kanuku,

        (xi).  Chief Chimbinde, in Kwitu region,

        (xii).  Chief Likithi lya Mbangu, in Kwitu region.

        (xiii). Chief Nyumbu, in Ngumbwe and Miyengo regions. 

        (xix). Chief Ngendthzo Makunju, in Tembwe tributary of Kwanavale


        (xx).  Chief Kalyangu, in Tembwe tributary of Kwanavale river,

        (xxi). Chief Ndumba, in Tembwe tributary of Kwanavale river,

        (xxii).Chief Chaineya Mungomba, in Tembwe tributary of

                 Kwanavale river,

        (xxiii).Chief Kangamba Thamutunda, in Tembwe tributary of

                 Kwanavale river,

        (xxiv).Chief Kayangula ka Mununga, in Tembwe tributary of

                 Kwanavale river,

        (xxx).Chief Chikungu, at the delta of Longa river region,

        (xxxi).Chief Chivende, at the delta of Longa river region,

        (xxxii).Chief Ngunga ya Muthandi, at source of Longa river region,

        (xxxiii).Chief Chingangu, at the delta of Longa river region,

        (xxxiv).Chief Mukovoto, in Mavinga,

        (xxxv). Chief Chimwongwa cha Mukovoto wa Chiyengo, in


        (xxxvi).Chief Kavava, in Lomba region,

        (xxxvii).Chief Ndenda, in Likinya region,    


       Chief Kangamba sent some chiefs to Mbunda Nkangala


        (i).    Chief Lyangongama,

        (ii).   Chief Liwanika,

        (iii).  Chief Chikuni,

        (iv).  Chief Chipala,

        (v).   Chief Tuva.


          Vambunda-Ndundu and Vambunda-Mashaka Royal Families

       During The Reign of King Kathangila:   

        (i).    Chief Kapilu ka Chiyengo, in Mavinga region,

        (ii).   Chief Mukovoto wa Chiyengo, in Mavinga region,  

        (iii).  Chief Mbandwa ya Chikeva, in Kwandu region,

        (iv).  Chief Ndala, in Lomba region,

        (v).   Chief Matende a NdaIa, in Lomba region,

        (vi).  Chief Chiyengo, in Lomba region,

        (vii). Chief LipaIa, in Lomba region,

        (viii).Chief Mukovoto, in Lomba region, 


       Princess Chioola and Consort Mushinge Royal Family:   

       (i).    Prince Yambayamba Kapanda,
       (ii).   Prince Chingumbe,
       (iii).  Princess Mpande,
       (iv).  Princess Kamana,
       (v).   Princess Muulo.


13). King Yambayamba Kapanda, succeeded his uncle King

       Kathangila in the Queen Mukenge Royal Family;


       King Yambayamba Kapanda Royal Family:

        (i).   Princess Mukombe,

        (ii).  Princess Shwaka,

        (iii). Prince Mayakata,

        (iv). Prince Chikungwe,

        (v).  Prince Nambwa.


The succession of King Yambayamba Kapanda marked the end of the Female Monarch rulership.


       Mbunda-Sango: This is a Mbunda dialect that remained

                                             at the delta of Mithimoyi river after the

                                departure of King Chingumbe cha

                                Muthela Myondo to succeed on the

                                Mbunda Monarchy throne. They were

                                left without a chief.


14). King Chingumbe, succeeded his brother King Yambayamba

        Kapanda in the Queen Mukenge Royal Family;


       King Chingumbe Royal Family with Queen Kakuhu:

        (i).   Prince Nkombwe Kapamuka,

        (ii).  Prince Yembe Katete,

        (iii). Prince Chitengi Chingumbe Chiyengele,

        (iv). Princess Kakuhu,

        (v).  Prince Mpili.


15).   King Chitengi Chingumbe Chiyengele, succeeded his father King

        Chingumbe briefly. Due to opposition decreed by his father King

        Chingumbe from his cousins Princes Ngonga and Nyumbu Luputa in

        his succession because of the changed Mbunda Monarch succession

        conditions from sons to nephews which began by the succession of

        his brother Yambayamba Kapanda.


        Because of that opposition, he migrated with his Royal Family in

        frastration to Baotseland (mu Njenje) in the jurisdiction of King

        Mulambwa, taking with him the Mbunda Monarch instruments of



           Mbunda-Shamuka:    This is the Chief Chitengi

                                                              Chingumbe Chiyengele Royal

                                            Family Mbunda dialect that

                                             migrated to Barotseland;


       King Chitengi Chingumbe Chiyengele Royal Family:

        (i).    Prince Ngulungu,

        (ii).   Prince Mbanja,

        (iii).  Prince Matako,

        (ii).   Prince Ngangula Mukuve,

        (iii).  Prince Lyula,

        (iv).  Prince Mungomba,

        (v).   Prince Chilungu,

        (vi).  Prince Ndumba,

        (vii). Prince Nyumbu, 

        (vii). Prince Lilembalemba,

        (viii).Prince Mulwalwa,

        (ix).  Prince Kapothi.


       The Royal Successors to Chief Chitengi Chingumbe

       Chiyengele in Barotseland: 

        (i).    Chief Chiyengele Mbinja,

        (ii).   Chief Chiyengele Mulwalwa,

        (iii).  Chief Chiyengele Litala,

        (iv).  Chief Chiyengele Nyumbu I,

        (v).   Chief Chiyengele Chitengi.

        (vi).  Chief Chiyengele Chingumbe Likithi,

        (vii)   Chief Chiyengele Chingumbe Nyumbu II

        (viii). Chief Chiyengele Josiah Nyumbu III 

        Princess Mpande Royal Family and her Consort Kayongo:

        (i).   Prince Ngonga Chiteta,

        (ii).  Prince Nyumbu Luputa,

         (iii). Princess Ngambo Lyambayi,

         (iv). Princess Muulo.


16). King Ngonga Chiteta, succeeded his uncle King Chingumbe in the

        Royal Family of Princess Chioola and Consort Mushinge Royal



       King Ngonga Chiteta Royal Family:

        (i).   Princess Kathaka,

        (ii).  Prince Lyangongama,

        (iii). Prince Vunonge,

        (iv). Prince Liwanika.


        It was during the reign of King Ngonga Chiteta that Prince Kandala

        Viemba, opted to avoid King Ngonga Chiteta by migrating and

        following his uncle Chief Muundu Maululumbe to the Barotseland

        region of Mbalango, in the jurisdiction of King Mulambwa.


       Chief Muundu Maululumbe and Chief Kandala Viemba Royal

       Families, in the then Mbundaland, now part of Angola:

        (i).    Prince Mushoko,

        (ii).    Prince Fwanyanga,

        (iii).   Prince  Chaami cha Mushekwa,

        (iv).   Prince Chinu,

        (v).    Prince Lushuva.

        (vi).   Prince Muthindi,

        (vii)   Prince Mungandi,

        (viii). Prince Chingomba cha Kandala,

        (ix).   Prince Livimba,

        (x).    Prince Muundu Muyamba,

        (xi).   Prince Matuka,

        (xii).  Prince Kalowa,

        (xiii). Prince Chishuwa,

        (xix). Prince Kavamba,

        (xx).  Prince Livombo Chithambo,

        (xxi). Prince Lyula,

        (xxii).Prince Kavuvi ka Mulanda,

        (xxiii).Prince Mbowe.  



       Mbunda-Mbalango:   This is the Mbunda dialect of the Chief

                                        Muundu Maululumbe and Chief Kandala

                                         Viemba Royal Families that in Barotseland of



       Chief Muundu Maululumbe Royal Families who have been

       on the throne in Barotseland:

        (i).    Chief Kakinga ka Chompe,

        (ii).   Chief Nkando,

        (iii).  Chief Kalomo ka Chompe,

        (iv).  Chief Mbambi,

        (v).   Chief Mundu Muthzanga.

        (vi).  Chief Mundu Kalomo ka Chombe,

        (vii)   Chief Mundu Kaumba,

        (viii). Chief Mundu Chimboma,

        (ix).   Chief Muundu Chilindo,

        (x).    Chief Muundu Muyamba,

        (xi).  Chief Muundu Likithi.


       Chief Kandala Viemba Royal Families who have

          been on the throne in Barotseland:

        (i).    Chief Kalanda Kumba,

        (ii).   Chief Kandala Kashina I,

        (iii).   Chief Kandala Mandandi,

        (iv).  Chief Kandala Livambi I,

        (v).   Chief Kandala Kashina II.

        (vi).   Chief Kandala Viemba Kashina II,

        (vii).  Chief Kandala Mubonda Liwena,

        (viii). Chief Kandala Sakwiba Livimba I.


17). King Nyumbu Luputa, succeeded his brother King Ngonga Chiteta

        In the Royal Family of Princess Mpande and Consort Kayongo;


18). Mwene Linjengele Kawewe, from the Royal Family of Princess

       Ngambo Lyambai with Consort Nduwa, succeeded King Nyumbu

       Luputa in the Royal Family of Princess Mpande and Consort



        Queen Ngambo Lyambayi Royal Family with Consort

       Limama lya Lindangi lya Kashumba:

        (i).   Princess Kanunga,

        (ii).  Princess Muthoka,

        (iii). Princess Muwawa,

        (iv). Princess Thingithingi.


        Realising that Princess Ngambo Lyambayi had only female children

        with Consort Limama, they arranged for another Consort and hoped

        she would have a male child to succeed the Mbunda Monarchy



       Princess Ngambo Lyambayi Royal Family with Consort


       (i).   Prince Linjengele Kawewe,

       (ii).  Prince Katavola Mwecela,

        (iii). Princess Vukolo Ngimbu Kanchungwa,

        (iv). Princess Mawaya Kavavu.


19). King Katavola Mwecela, succeeded his brother King Linjengele

        Kawewe, in the Royal Family of Princess Ngambo Lyambayi;


20). King Katavola Muthangu, from the Royal Family of Prince

       Kanyenge son of Princess Muthoka, from the Royal Family of

        Princess Ngambo Lyambayi and the first Consort Limama;

        succeeded King Katavola Muthangu


       Mbunda-Mathzi Dialect:  The Katavola Royal Family is

                                               where this dialect originates

                                               from, after the Mbunda began

                                               applying a lot of oil to their

                                               whole bodies in care of their



       Princess Vukolo Ngimbu Kanchungwa Royal Family:

        (i).   Prince Thoma,

        (ii).  Prince Mututo,

        (iii). Prince Kalimbwe,

        (iv). Prince Lyondthzi Kapova.


21). King Mbandu I, Lyothzi Kapova, from the Royal Family of

        Princess Vukolo Ngimbu, succeed his uncle King Katavola Muthangu,

        in the Royal Family of Prince Kanyenge of Princess Muthoka Royal



       King Mbandu I, Lyondthzi Kapova Royal Family:

        (i).   Prince Thempyeka Lyondthzi,

        (ii).  Prince Mumbamba Lyondthzi,

        (iii). Prince Limbwambwa Kalyangu Lyondthzi,

        (iv). Prince Ndeletu Kashweka Lyondthzi.

        (v).  Prince Malali Kathzungo Lyondthzi

        (vi)  Prince Libingi Kanchungwa Lyondthzi


       Princess Kameya Miyeji (King Mbandu I, Lyondthzi Kapova's

        Sister) Royal Family:

        (i).     Prince Litemba Vukolo,

       (ii).    Prince Kathzungo Shaanda,

        (iii).   Prince Fwelu Vithzinga,

        (iv).   Prince Ndeletu Kashweka Lyondthzi,

        (v).    Prince Luneta Nguvu,

        (vi).   Prince Chinoya Thungwanga,

        (vii).  Prince Machayi Ngambo,

        (viii). Prince Lyonde Viyela,


22). King Mbandu II, Kathzungo Shaanda, from Princess Kameya

        Miyeji (King Mbandu I Lyondthzi Kapova's Sister) Royal Family,

        succeeded his uncle KingMbandu I, Lyondthzi Kapova.


        King Mbandu II, Kathzungo Shaanda Royal Family:

         (i).    Prince Shaanda Kathzungo,


        King Mwene Mbandu II, Kathzungo Shaanda nephews' Royal


         (i).   Prince Katolo Makuwa,

         (ii).  Prince Thempyeka Nyembu Antonio,

         (iii). Prince Justino Frederico Katwiya,

         (iv). Princess Maliya Miyeji,

         (v).  Prince Lyula, 

         (vi). Prince Luneta Lifuti.


       King Mbandu II, Kathzungo Shaanda nephews' Families:

        (i).   Prince Lyula:

         - Prince Malali Lyula.

        (ii).  Prince Thempyeka Nyembu Antonio:

         - (Tuci tondethetha)

        (iii). Prince Justino Frederico Katwiya:

         - Prince Fernando Kapova Katuya,

         - Prince Guilherme Kathzungo Katuya,

         - Prince Mande Katuya,

         - Prince Jos Nguvu Katuya. 

       (iv). Princess Maliya Miyeji:

         - Prince Kapova Kapova,

         - Prince Thzingitha Kapova. 

       (v).  Prince Lyula:

         - Prince Malali Lyula. 

       (vi).  - Prince Luneta Lifuti:

         - Prince Mbandu Lifuti. 


23). King Mbandu III, Mbandu Lifuti, from Prince Luneta Lifuti Royal

        Family, succeeded his Grandfather King Mbandu II, Kathzungo

        Shaanda of Princess Kameya Mileji's Royal Family.


       King Mwene Mbandu III, Mbandu Lifuti Royal Family:

        (i).    Prince Webby Mbandu,

        (ii).   Prince Eddy Mbandu,

       (iii).  Princess Sharon Mbandu.



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