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Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony 2011 In Pictures

The Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony this year was cerebrated in the first week of October from 6th to 9th October 2011.

Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association for the third year running since the year 2009, had their presence known with the Mbunda Makithi artifacts performing a masquerade along the M8 road from Manyinga grave site on the east to Senior Chief Sikufele's Palace on the west. Guests to the ceremony were yet again treated to rare phenomena.

Seeing is believing, the rest of the story can be seen from a few selected pictures below. Attend the 2012 Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony, to see the rest live.

Bellow are Makithi Masquerade from Manyinga graveyard to Senior Chief Sikufele's Palace, accompanied by ululating Vana Vindanda.

First Day:

Above, Senior Chief Sikufele receives the Makithi Masquerade as he listens to Mukwetunga Kajenjela giving account of how the traveled.

Mukwetunga Kajenjela,the leader of the Masquerading Makithi narrates to Senior Chief Sikufele , as other Makithi and the audiences watch the procession.

Above and bellow, One of the Indunas perform a welcoming ritual to the Makithi Masquerade as Senior Chief Sikufele and the audience watches.

Above, Senior Chief Sikufele digs dip in his pocket to give a welcoming token to the Masquerading Makithi.

Mukwetunga Kajenjela, satisfied with the gesture from Senior Chief Sikufele moves away tojoin his group.

Second Day and Climax Day:

Senior Chief Sikufele in the Symbolic Lukwakwa Defensive Fence after entering the main arena on root to taking his royal seat.

The Makithi masquerade paying homage to Senior Chief Sikufele in the main arena, after a splendid entry with a ZNBC cameraman doing his thing.


Third Day: Outside the Palace

Kalabo Dance Troupe starting the day long performances by different types of Makithi

Per Mbunda tradition small Makithi (for ordinary ancestors) start dancing followed by the bigger (for noble ancestors) and the biggest (for Chiefs). likithi Chawa caught in action starting the day long performances.

Senior Chief Sikufele with his Queen watching the performances.

Senior Chief Sikufele and Chief Mutinginyi of the Nkoya People in Kabompo watching the cultural dances

As the occasion heats up, Likithi Ishabukolo and Mukwetunga Kajenjela can't resist getting closer to the drummers and singers

Likithi Likulukulenge prepares for the drummers and singers to put it his dance songs to do his thing.

Mpindole is seen doing his thing.

Likithi Limbondo could not be left out as the acassion nears ending, almost flying away.

And lastly, likithi Ndumba (lion) with Mukwetunga Kajenjela conclude the Makithi dancing session in the evening.

Time to bid farewell to the Senior Chief, they wait as Senior Chief Sikufele dashes in the Palace to get them some gifts in appreciation of their well executed task.


Will you miss this again next year? These are just sampled pictures, attend physically to enjoy yourself without regret.


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