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Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony 2010 In Pictures

As usual the Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony this year was cerebrated in the first week of October and 1st to 3rd October 2010 to be specific.

Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association made their presence known with the Mbunda Makithi artifacts performing a masquerade along the M8 road from Manyinga grave site on the east to Senior Chief Sikufele's Palace on the west. Guests to the ceremony were yet again treated to rare phenomena.

Seeing is believing, the rest of the story can be seen from a few selected pictures below. Attend the 2011 Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony, to see the rest live.

Manyinga residents eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Makithi masquerade from the graveside.

Curious onlookers obscuring the Mbunda Makithi artifacts, on their way from the Manyinga grave site to the Palace.

National Chairman, Cheke Cha Mbunda shooting a video

The awaited Mbunda Makithi Masquerade storming Manyinga.

They proceed to the Palace.

The Mbunda Makithi masquerade arrive at Senior Chief Sikufele's Palace to pay homage.

The Mbunda Makithi masquerade pay their homage to the Royal Indunas that received them at the Palace.

Symbolic Lukwakwa in the middle of the main arena, as guests troop in to take their seats.

Mbunda Makithi artifacts arrive in the main arena and stand before Senior Chief Sikufele.

Mbunda Makithi artifacts paying homage to the Senior Chief in the main arena.

Cultural Sub-Committee Chairman, Musenge Chitumbo introducing the Mbunda Makithi artifacts to Senior Chief Sikufele in the main arena

ADD opposition political party president Hon. Milupi (left) spotted in the main arena as he watches the Mbunda Makithi artifacts trooping out of the main arena after paying homage to the Senior Chief.

A Kabompo dance troupe performing some traditional dances.

Cheke Cha Mbunda, National Chairman (right) and his deputy (left) spotted in the main arena watching perfomances of their traditional cousins the Chokwes by the Chokwe Culture and Traditional Association (CHOTA) dance troupe.

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