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Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony 2008 In Pictures


In the first week of October every year at Manyinga of Kabompo District in North Western Zambia there is Mbunda Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony, under our Senior Chief Sikufele.  We were represented because our preoccupation this year was the Restoration of Mbunda Monarch in Lumbala Nguimbo, Moxico Province, Angola, where His Majesty, King Mbandu III of the Mbunda Speaking People in Angola, Congo DRC, Namibia and Zambia was enthroned.  Our representatives took some pictures of this happy event.


Guest Chief's entry in the Arena                  Mukanda Initiates Mothers Escorting Guests



    Likithi Mwana Pwo waiting for her                   Likithi Mwana Pwo cauht in dancing action

    dancing turn



Likithi Katotola keeping piece and order                 Likithi Kajenjela fraternizing with women



                           Likithi Kajenjela with Royal security ahead of the Senior Chief

                           Sikufele's entry in the Main Arena



                                 An unidentified Likithi shows its authority 


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Senior Chief Sikufele (Mbunda)
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