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Municipality of Mavinga


Mavinga is a town and municipality in the Cuando Cubango province of Angola. The area spans 44.347 km² and contains about 30,000 inhabitants. It comprises the communes of Mavinga, Cunjamba/Dime, Cutuile and Luengue.

Mavinga is one of the four Mbunda municipalities in Angola, predominantly occupied by the Mbunda under the traditional authority of a Mbunda Paramount Chief Mwene Chondela, who ascribes to the Mbunda Monarch, His Majesty King Mbandu III Mbandu Lifuti restored on 16 August 2008, in Moxico, Angola.


Due to the Mbunda displacement caused by their resistance to Portuguese colonial occupation,[1] and later because of the impact of the Angolan War of Independence (1961–1974), the decolonization conflict in Angola (1974/75),[2] and the Angolan Civil War (1975–2002), the Mbunda language area is now said to be in between the Lunguevungu River to the north and the Cuando Cubango River to the south.[3] This position has supposedly reduced the Mbunda language area but not the Mbunda people territory of influence.

The strategically important town saw heaving fighting during the Angolan civil war, as it was the gateway from the north to the UNITA-held Jamba.[4]




Chief’s Name                                         River Area Location


1)   Mwene Chondela                                    Cuando Cubangu







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