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Enthronement of The 24th Mbunda Monarch in Angola and Celebration of The Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda Ceremony 2022 in Pictures


Enthronement of His Majesty King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole in Lumbala Ngimbu took place in the month of October 2022. The spectacular event took seven days of celebrations.


As a diviation from the 2008 restoration of King Mbandu III, Mbandu Lifuti which commenced with traditional rituals and celebrations and closing with spiritual annointing, this time it was the other way round. That was especially meant to put God first in King Mbandu's rulership.


Below therefore are the events as they unfolded in pictures:



Expected arrival of Moxico Governor in Lumbala Ngimbu from Luena.
Moxico Governor greeting Traditional and Political chiefs on arrival for the ceremony in Lumbala Ngimbu.  

Assembling of delegates from different Christian denominations and Royalties
 Arrival of the Royal dignitaries and the Lumbala Government Administrator, Honorable Benilson Mbambi.
 Official delegates settling down

Acknowledging presence of two Paramount Chiefs and the Prime Minister in Mbunda Territory of the Mbunda Monarch jurisdiction.

Middle: His Royal Highness Paramount Chief Vukolo Ngimbu of Municipality of Lumbala Ngimbu. 

On the right: His Royal Highness Paramount Chief Kangamba 10, Antonio Kanguya

Christian Choir iniciating the ceremony by praise song

Commencement of the ceremony by the Master of Ceremony, also the Enthronement Preparations Committee Chairman, Mr, Bernadinho Katongo on the left, and Lumbala Ngimbu Administrator Honorable Benilson Mbambi, while on the right Mbunda Jornalist Alzira Litongo takes note of the proceedings.
The Moxico Governor, His Excellency Dr. Ernesto Muangala giving his official speech.
 Some more Christian Choir performances

Time for Clegymen Pastors,including Reverend Mateus Agostinho on the left and Reverend Bishop Makano Kamuimba Marcos Pedro, all from Luena City in Moxico Province of Angola, performing their official Christian duties.

The Royal chosen one, stands ready for anointing

The anointing process


The chosen one being congratulated after the Christian anointing
Final Choir praises
The Mbunda Journalist Alzira Litongo could not be left out in summarising the even, concluding remarks and final prayer by the Christian Clergy. 
 The chosen one finally anointed and ready for traditional enthronement


Traditional activities continued commenced from the second day with dances of all sorts while visitors to witness the ceremony continued powering in Lumbala Ngimbu.


Receiving Visitors

A group of dancers from the Mbunda remnants left in Congo DRC and other visitors throughout Angola and neighboring countries continued arriving in Lumbala Ngimbu for the Ceremony.
First Appearance of the Mbunda Makithi/Matotola Masquerade in Lumbala Ngimbu for the Ceremony. The Epitome of the Mbunda Culture.
 Early morning of the Ceremony, the Paramedics are already stationed at the main arena, to give health care first aid to the attending audience.
Ceremony Officials and Security Officers ready and directing dignitaries to arranged seats
Multitudes assembled as early in the morning, anxiously waiting to receive the newly crowned Mbunda Monarch in the main arena. 
Arrival and performances of the Mbunda remnants dancers from Congo DRC in and outside the main arena.
Arrival of visiting chiefs. On the left is His Royal Highness Chief Limbango of the Luchazi people of Lutembwe. On the right is His Royal Highness Chief Simushi of the Makoma people of Mushuma Mitete.
Traditional and Government dignitaries all assembled and waiting for senior leaders.
Arrival of two Mbunda Paramount Chiefs, Mwene Vukolo Ngimbu of Lumbala Ngimbu on the left and Mwene Kangamba 10, Antonio Kanguya of Kangamba Municipalities.
Congo and local dancers eagerly wait for all senior dignitaries to showcase their abilities.
Arrival of the Guest of Honor, His Excellency Dr. Ernesto Muangala, The Governor of Moxico Province.
Arrival of His Majesty, King MwaChissenge of the Chokwe people as the Traditional guest of honor.
Acknowledging the presence of His Majesty, King MwaChissenge of the Chokwe people after his arrival.
All the Senior Dignitaries have settled down in the main arena waiting for the grand entry of His Majesty King Mbandu IV.  

Meanwhile His Majesty, King Mbandu IV receiving a traditional invitation at the temporal palace, to appear to his people in the main arena as a protocol.

The Mbunda Monarch Throne as it waits for his arrival in the main arena.


The much awaited majestic entry of His Majesty, King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole in the main arena.

The Supreme Advisory Council members go down on their knees in royal respect as His Majest enters his Chambers in the main arena.

From right: His Right Hounarable Prime Minister, Daniel Ngulungu Musenge Kavongo; Chairman, Honarable Vutama; Secretary, Honorable Domingos Vukolo Kafuti and Member, Honarable Morgan.

Finally, His Majesty King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole takes his Mbunda Monarch Throne to the delight of his people and the varying dignatories.
The Band of Royal Singers paying their homage to the King after escorting him into the arena and await the return escort after the Ceremony. 
Traditional Salutation To His Majesty The King By Chitapa
From a distance, Chitapa dances his way to the King's Chamber in the main arena, holding a sword in threatening antics as though to cause harm.
Getting to the Chamber, Chitapa strikes the sword in the ground and leaves it in the vicinity of the King and retreats in fear of the King's reprisal.    Closing in to the King's Chamber, the audience and Cameramen watch his moves closely in anticipation. Chitapa advances to the King's Chamber, attracting the attention of onlookers and Cameramen assembled in the main arena as to his motive.
As a consequence, the King is called upon to see the weapon brought to his attention.

The Supreme Advisory Council members in the King's Chamber come out to check the the salutation weapon
Realising the danger to his life, Chitapa goes on his knees and watches from a distance the King's reaction.
To the relief of Chitapa, the King heads back into his chamber after picking the sword, signaling the change of administration from cruelty of the sword to peace. His Majesty responds to the invitation and picks the salutation sword.

Entertainment and Cultural Dances
Opened by a group of dancers from the remnants of the Mbunda who remained at the confluence of Kwilu and Kasai rivers in the now Bandundu Province of the Republic of Congo (DRC) during the migration into Mbundaland, now part of Angola today.
Putting up a splendid performance, the dancers showcased their dancing skills all the way to the front of the King's Chambers, to the amazement of His Majesty and the audience.
In a dramatic dancing style, they turned, changing positions by facing round the arena and completed their move by final demonstration in front of His Majesty.

The Epitome of Mbunda Culture: Matotola Or Makithi Homage To His Majesty.
Their time being at hand, the Mbunda Matotola/Makithi line up before His Majesty before showcasing their dancing skills.

As per custom, paying homage to His Majesty required not only lining up but kneeling down and clapping like anyone else in the vicinity of the King.
Various Cultural Performances Continued:

Mbunda traditional music instruments
A group of Makoma ethnic group living peacefully in the jurisdiction of King Mbandu of the Mbunda people showcasing their traditional dances in the main arena. The Makoma group are mainly known to be amoung the Lozi group in Western Province of Zambia, mostly spreading across the border of Zambia and Angola. The Mbunda in Angola are known to live harmoniously with other ethnic groups within their traditional territory without tribal discremination. 

The most exciting performance being the fire spitting dancer 
Mbunda Traditional Utility and Economic Exhibits 
Utility Exhibits  Economic Exhibits 
His Majesty and other dignitaries viewing the cultural and economic exhibits displayed in the main arena. 
Their Majesties King Mbandu IV and MwaChissenge, sharing a point of interest during viewing. 
Mutula a Mbunda utility table for displaying animal carcuses after a hunting expedition. This tool is built by arranging cut-out tree branches and fixing them firmly without nails or ropes, strong enough to carry any weight without crambling down such weight.
Constructing Mbunda Mutula by arranging cut-out tree branches firmly
Testing the firmness by climbing on it
Discending down without any sign of weakness.   Easily dismantling the Mutula by pulling out one piece and easily crumbles down.
After the exhibits viewing, His Majesty returns to his Chamber in the main arena for official speeches, accompanied by the Moxico Governor.  

His Majesty leaving the main arena at the end of the Ceremony. 










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His Majesty King Mbandu IV,
Joćo Mussole
of The Mbunda People


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