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Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda Ceremony 2010 in Pictures



A brand new vehicle given to His Majesty, King (Mwene) Mbandu III by the Angolan

Government for his personal use, found parked in the Palace grounds.


This year the ceremony took place on the second weekend of August 2010, 12th to 14th

August 2010 to be precise. It was attended by the Administrator for Lumbala Nguimbo and

Angolan Government officials, the Zambian Consul and the First Secretary of Luena in Angola, a delegation from Luanda which included Mwene Katwiya, Senior Chief (Mwa) Kanyenge from Luena of the Chokwe (tribal cousins of the Mbundas), Mbunda Chiefs in Angola and traditional leader. Others in attendance was a delegation from Zambia which included the National Chairman for Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural & Writers Association and Prince Kalyangu of Kaoma, who kept and helped educate the now King Mbandu III in Zambia.



Zambian Consul and 1st Secretary paying a        Zambian Delegation paying a courtesy  

courtesy call on His Majesty, King Mbandu III      call on His Majesty, King Mbandu III at 

at the Yambayamba Palace.                            the Yambayamba Palace on arrival.


 Animals being slaughtered for the occasion.


Thursday morning 12th August 2010, started with the Makithi artifacts raising from

the graveside, followed by a masquerade in the city.


12th and 13th August 2010, were full of traditional dances day and night.




Climax day 14th August 2010, dignitaries and invited guest eagerly waiting for His Majesty, King (Mwene) Mbandu III arrival in the main arena.


Finally His Majesty, King (Mwene) Mbandu III enters the main arena and everybody goes

on their knees to pay homage to their King.


.....while the invited dignitaries and the guest of honour, Senior Chief (Mwa) Kanyenge rise

to their feet to recognize the King (Mwene) Mbandu III entry in the main arena.


His Majesty, King (Mwene) Mbandu III finally joins the dignitaries, as seen with His Queen

on the left, Administrator for Lumbala Guimbo on the extreme left and the invited guest of

honour, Senior Chief (Mwa) Kanyenge of the Chokwe people on the right.  What is happening

in front is obviously giving respect to His Majesty, King (Mwene) Mbandu III.


This was followed by speeches from:


1). The National Chairman for Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association,

who called on the Mbunda Speaking People in Lumbala Nguimbo and many parts of Angola to

unite and work with the Government in order to allow His Majesty, King (Mwene) Mbandu III

and the Governor of Moxico through the Administrator of Lumbala Nguimbo to work together in harmony for the development of their land which lacks in development because of the war which ravaged the country for 30 years.  Jehovah God the Creator is Supreme, followed by the Government and then the Kings and traditional leaders.


2) The Adminstrator for Lumbala Nguimbo, who equally called for the need by the people to respect the Government and its laws.  he stressed that the Government realized the missing link between the people and the Government and so recognized the traditional leaders which it continues to support.  He agreed with the Chairman for Cheke Cha Mbunda that God is Supreme under Him are Governments and under Governments are Traditional Authorities. The Government cannot turn its back on any traditional leader.  He thanked the Zambia Government through the Zambian consul in Angola for accommodating and protecting many Angolans who fled into Zambia because of the war. he further requested the Zambian Consul in Angola and the Zambian delegation led by the National Chairman of Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural & Writers Association, to help disseminating information to Zambians with Angolan origin that war is no more, and that they should come back and help their mothers land develop by using the education they have acquired in Zambia.



3) His Majesty, King (Mwene) Mbandu III, in a speech read by His representative described "Lithathi Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda Ceremony" as day the Mbunda Speaking People of Angola thank their Creator, the Almighty God Jehovah for His blessings upon them in providing good agricultural season leading to a good harvest according to his  On this day the Mbunda Speaking People praise their Almighty God Jehovah by their traditional dances such as; Kalukuta, Shombe, Chinjangila, Chisho, Nduko. Mbunda Speaking People use this day to showcase their traditional works such as; Iron Ore smelting in production of tools, wood carvings, basketry and different kinds of handcrafts. Mbunda Speaking People value their culture and believe that this is one channel of teaching their offspring to respect the older generation and good manners such as modest dressing. He warned especially the younger generation not to neglect their culture because of what they watch on television.  Neglecting culture in is like selling yourself in slavery.  A nation without culture is like a house without foundation or a tree without roots.  He thanked the Government through the

Governor for Moxico Province for the support they are giving to Him.


Speeches were followed inspection of display the Mbunda Speaking Peoples' tools, musical

instruments and utensils which were displayed for invited guests.


In the afternoon traditional dances continued, followed by dancing and raveling throughout the night.


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His Majesty King Mbandu 111
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