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The Restoration of The Mbunda Monarch in Angola and The Start of The Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda Ceremony 2008 in Pictures

The first day of the ceremony, the Mbunda Makithi masquerading in Lumbala Ngimbu streets.


Followed by druming and many traditional dances up until the second day.


The Mbunda Makithi also showed their dancing skills



His Majesty the King was installed in the early ours of the night before the climax day and

the Cheke Cha Mbunda National Chairman; the Western Provincial Committee Chairman; a local Mbunda Chief and traditional singers from Kalabo, Mongu and Lusaka anxiously waiting to catch a first glimpse of the King from the Palace.


Finally all was set at the main arena to receive the delegates, with the Mbunda Monarch symbol and flag seen flying high, showing its authority


The Mbunda traditionalists showing how to give respect to the Mbunda Monarch



* The Angolan Government dignitaries who    *The Royal family representative with

   attended the ceremony                            Zambian Chiefs at the ceremony



 His Majesty King Mbandu III with his Queen joined the audience in the Main Arena


     A Prime Minister of one of the Zambian Mbunda Chiefs counseling the newly installed

     Mbunda Monarch    



    A Mbunda orator spilling out the Mbunda Monarch lean  *Demonstrating the Mbunda

   age from the first in the 15th Century to the present       warrior celebration dance



*Zambian Mbunda Chiefs who attended the   *A Cheke Cha Mbunda N.E.C Member taking

ceremony                                                 critical look at the proceedings



Part of the invited guests paying attention to the proceedings


Mbunda Makithi being led to pay homage to His Majesty, King Mbandu III for Mbunda Speaking People.



The Katabola Band doing their thing at the ceremony.


*The Royal representative giving  speech    *Cheke Cha Mbunda National Chairman giving

at the ceremony.                                       a speech at the ceremony.

Gifts time! The Angolan Government Minister giving the Angola flag to the Mbunda Monarch in recognition.


The guests and Government officials continue showering gifts to the Mbunda Monarch.


Finally the Mbunda Monarch was restored in Lumbala Ngimbu, Moxico Province, Angola with both the Angola National Flag and the Mbunda Monarch Flag flying high over the Palace, marking the end of the restoration ceremony and the start of the Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda annually every second week of August.


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His Majesty King Mbandu 111


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