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Artifacts and Different Cultural Activities and Performances During Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda Traditional Ceremony Week

 Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda Ceremony


 "Njamba Kalimi, Lifuti Limulimina"



The Usual Majestic Entry of The Mbunda Monarch During The Ceremony


This is the day Mbunda Speaking People in Angola and those in Congo, Namibia and Zambia join them in thanking their Creator the Almighty God Jehovah for the blessings on them in providing good harvest the past months according to His Love.


On this day the Mbunda Speaking People praise their Almighty God Jehovah by dancing their traditional dances such as Kalukuta, Shombe, Chinjangila, Chisho, Nduko and watching dances perfomed by their not less than fifty (50) exclusive Mbunda Makithi Artifacts.


Additionally the Mbunda Speaking People showcase their traditional works such as, Iron Ore smelting, wood carvings, basketry and different kinds of handcrafts which are up for sale immediately after the ceremony.


Mbunda Speaking People value their culture and believe, it is one channel of teaching their offspring to respect the older generation and good dressing manners.


Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda 2008 in Pictures......


Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda 2009 in Pictures......


Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda 2010 in Pictures......


Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda 2012 in Pictures......


Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda 2022 in Pictures......







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His Majesty King Mbandu IV
Joćo Pedro Mussole
of The Mbunda People
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