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Breaking News - 17th October 2022

National Assembly President Receives Sovereigns From Eastern Angola

By Courtesy of Angolapress, Joaquina Bento - Angop



National Assembly President Carolina Cerqueira (right) receives sovereigns from Eastern Angola


Luanda - The Speaker of the National Assembly (AN), Carolina Cerqueira, this Monday granted a joint audience to two sovereigns of eastern Angola (Moxico), as part of the opening of the Fifth Legislature.

These are Queen Nhakatolo Tchilombo and King Mwene Mbandu IV, who were present, Saturday (15), at the solemn plenary meeting of the I Legislative Session of the V Legislature, at the invitation of parliament.

The AN held the formal opening of the aforementioned legislature, which had as its high point the Message on the State of the Nation, delivered by the President of the Republic, Joćo Lourenēo.
At the end of the meeting, the King of the Mbundas and Luvale praised the message of the Head of State in the hemicycle, asking that the projects presented be implemented to make "Angola different".

He asked the authorities for support to create jobs for young people, taking into account the existing mineral resources in the region, namely copper, iron, gold and diamonds.

For the sovereign of the Luvales and Luenas, the meeting served to address various issues in the country, especially the difficult living conditions of the population of Alto Zambeze, Moxico province.

She pointed out, among other evils, the lack of flow of agricultural products due to the inexistence of communication routes in an acceptable state.

First Reported by Joaquina Bento - Angop


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His Majesty King Mbandu IV,
Joćo Pedro Mussole
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