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Breaking News - 8th October 2022

Finally Mbunda People Enthrone The 24th Monarch, King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole In Lumbala Nguimbu, Angola

By Courtesy of Research and Advisory Council Editor.


His Majesty King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole seated on the throne. On the left is the Mbunda monarch Prime Minister, His Right Honorable, Daniel Ngulungu Musenge Kavongo. Seated on the right is the current Mbunda monarch Queen.


It was ululation and jubilation in Lumbala Ngimbu, the capital of the Mbunda people throughout the world as they witnessed events after events of annointing, different cultural activities and unveiling and enthronement of the 24th Mbunda Monarch, His Majesty King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole from 2nd to 8th October 2022.


For a long time inhabitants of Lumbala Ngimbu saw unprecedented hordes of visitors who traveled from many parts of the world to witness the colourful and culturally packed exhibits from Mbunda people of Angola, Congo DRC and Zambia.


For the first time with tears of joy as they fought back tears of sorrow in the demise of the 23rd Mbunda Monarch in July 2021, they celebrated tirelessly in receiving the 24th Mbunda Monarch by preferring to start with Christian dedication and annointing and ending with traditional activities of enthronement.


The successor of the late King Mwene Mbandu III, His Majesty King Mbandu IV, was annointed on 2nd October 2022 at a colourful Christian gathering that witnessed attendance of Clergymen of different denominations and the traditional enthronement accomplished on Saturday, 8th October 2022 in Lumbala Ngimbo and bestowed with Instruments of Power, with the challenge of reuniting the 15 million Mbunda subjects of the Republics of Angola, Congo (DRC), Namibia and Zambia. For the first time the significance of the Instruments of Power were disclosed publicly by His Royal Highness, Paramount Chief Vukolo Ngimbu to dispel the ill belief of black magic in the instrument.

With the demise of King Mbandu III, Mbandu Lifuti in July 2021, the Mbunda Monarch Supreme Advisory Council chose Joćo Pedro Mussole amongst other selected candidated by chiefs and other Royal family members to succeed and assume the Mbunda Monarch name of King Mbandu IV. This is a name chosen not as a from the Mbandu Royal Family Lineage but a name preferred due to its written publicity by Portuguese colonialists and Missionaries as an existing monarch at the time of the in Mbundaland now part of Angola.

Profile of King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole


Biography of King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole

Aged 64 years old, Joćo Pedro Mussole was born in Lumbala Ngimbo the known capital of the Mbunda Kingdom, Moxico Province, on October 30, 1958.  His father is Pedro Musole, the mother is Maria Katoti.

He is married, a father of five children and 12 grandchildren. He has a rich education in Christian life, reaching the eldest of the Union of Evangelical Churches of Angola (UIEA), as well as a degree in Theology from the Christian University of Lagos, Nigeria.


Due to instability in Angola, the family migrated to Zambia. As a consequence he was educated in Zambia up to Grade 12 up to College level education and started working there as a Teacher at Maheba High School. He further advanced his education and acquired qualification as an Economist and thereafter commenced to lecture in that profession. When Angola became Independent, he returned to Angola where he became one of the Refugee Repatriation Coordinators for Congo and Zambian Refugees. Thereafter he ressumed his teaching career as a Teacher and Coordinator of English in Luena City of Moxico.

Lineage of King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole

By Royal Family Tree, His Majesty King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole hails from the Chief Musoka Mbunda Royal Family the second born of Queen Ngambo. Born from Chief Musoka was Chief Pangana, born from Chief Pangana was Chief Mambemba, born from Chief Mambemba was Chief Livingi, born from Chief Livingi was Pedro Musole father to His Majesty King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole. The Chief Musoka Mbunda Royal Family Trees have never succeed on the Mbunda Monarch Throne like many other Mbunda Royal Families that have never done so, this therefore turns out to be the first time for the Musoka family.


The Mbunda Constitution as amended in May 2022, Article 6, Clause 2 constitutes that; The Prince to be crowned to the throne of the Mbunda Kingdom shall be: (i) Anyone (son, nephew, grandson, etc.) belonging to the royal lineage on the basis of all parents being Mbunda. (ii) A fluent speaker of the Mbunda language or its dialects. (iii) One who has undergone the most important Mukanda traditional rituals of the Mbundas. (iv) One who has attained a minimum of a Grade 12 education or equivalent. (v) One without a criminal record or imprisonment. (vi) A God fearing man. (vii) A physically fit man. (viii) Having a knowledge of either the Portuguese or/and English languages written or spoken as an added advantage. 


King Mbandu IV will have a challenging task to continue to unifying the people, in the cultural values and unity of the kingdom that encompasses a number of countries of the southern Africa region, including promotion of healthy coexistence with the other tribes, in the case of Moxico, with the Cokwe, Luvale, Umbundu and, in Cuando Cubango, the other Mbunda decendant groups like Nyemba, Ngonselo, Chimbandi, Luimbi and Luchazi among others.

The incoming monarch will have to revitalise strong traditional governance structures as constituted in the amended Mbunda Constitution with a back up of High Traditional Advisory Councils to be constituted in Angola, Congo DRC, Namibia and Zambia such as The Mbunda Kingdom Kingdom Research and Advisory Council (or Mandthzembi in Mbunda language) to build up strong cultural, language links and developmental projects in conjunction with the Angolan Government and its representative embassies.


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His Majesty King Mbandu IV,
Joćo Pedro Mussole
of The Mbunda People

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