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Breaking News - 9th September 2022


Mbundas Ready To Install Their 24th Monarch In October 2022   

By Courtesy of Research and Advisory Council Editor.

Latest report received today evening at 18:06 Hours indicate that Mbunda people are ready for the coronation of the 24th Mbunda Monarch, King Mbandu IV in Lumbala Ngimbu palace.

Interviewed by a member of the Mbunda Supreme Council Honarable (Hon) Domingos Kafuti Vukolo, the Mbunda Monarch Prime Minister, His Right Honorable, Daniel Ngulungu Musenge Kavongo announced the preparedness for the coronation of King Mbandu IV in October 2022. He started by stating that Mbundas are not alone in this undertaking but that the Angolan Government appointed a strong Committee from the Provincial Headquarters Luena and sent them to the palace with a view of working together with the Coronation Organising Committee in Lumbala Ngiumbu. He further stated that this good will from the government is not coming as a surprise but a committment in that Mbundas wanted to install the monarch on 23rd July 2022, but because of the national event of electing the President of this country, they moved the programme forward to allow for the government programme of Presidential and General Elections. Now that the government programme is over, Mbundas are now geared to install King Mbandu IV. He revealed that the candidate to be installed has been found and the government is aware. The candidate's cresidentials and foresight of what he wants to do for his subjects in his jurisdiction, be it Luvale, Chokwe, Luchazi, Nkoya, Lunda, Mbunda and all ethnic groups living within his jurisdiction are at hand and being his subjects he envision nothing less of living in unity during his tenure. 

Sending an open invitation to the Mbunda in the diaspora such as Zambia, Namibia, Congo and other countries where Mbundas my be who love their culture and want to attend the coronation of their King must be financially prepared knowing that they would be coming to attend their ceremony. He however emphasised that they should not expect to be transported to and fro as the monarchy is still recovering from the loss of the late Monarch. King Mbandu III, Mbandu Lifuti passed on last year in June 2022. That being the case all those that want to attend the ceremony should be in touch with Cultural Associations in their countries such as Cheke Cha Mbunda Cultural and Writers Association in Zambia so that they can liase with their governments and representative Angolan Embassies, for their travel arrangements to be legally scrutinised including sending travelling lists in advance in avoiding travellers being returned at borders.

The Prime Minister further revealed that the coronation would be on 8th October 2022 but the ceremony would start on 2nd October 2022, culmunating into eight days of celebrations and showcasing the Mbunda culture and way of life. Cultural dances and other events showcasing the Mbunda way of life would be performed from morning to evening of each day in order to lesten those activities on the coronation day for speeches and other official engagements. He therefore encouraged those intending to attend to arrive early for them to enjoy every event lined up.

Apart from the traditional coronation of the King, there would be a special Religious Ordination of the enthroned King spearheaded by Church leaders where Church Choirs would perform their praises to the Almighty God and Creator, signifying that Kings' authority originates from God.

The Prime Minister concluded by appealing to all those intending to travel to be resolute as they are assured of freedom of association in the enjoyment of the Mbunda culture and tradition, re-emphasing that every part of Angola including far-flung places like Luanda, the government has allowed them to travel but individually financing their travel expenses and the Angolan citizens should be exemplary in this undertaking.

Prime Minister, His Right Honorable, Daniel Ngulungu Musenge Kavongo has been the Monarchy Prime Minister of the late King Mbandu III, Mbandu Lifuti the 23rd Mbunda Monarch's tenure and continued to superintend the affairs of the Mbunda Kingdom since the King's demise.


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His Majesty King Mbandu IV,
Joćo Pedro Mussole
of The Mbunda People

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