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Breaking News - 21st August 2022




By Courtesy of Reseach and Advisory Council Editor.

Following the sacrifice by a countable few of you in saving the website from complete shut down, below are the achievements undertaken:

1). Your contribution of K 5,900.00 as notified earlier, K 4,500.00 was a complete package for "Hosting, Usage and SSL Security Certificate for one year.

2). As stated earlier and following the remittance of all your contributions, we received the SSL Certificate.

3). Once we received that notification, we proceeded to start configuring the Certificate to the Mbunda Kingdom website.

4). We are now glad therefore to notify all the Mbunda fratenity with interest in this achievement and indeed the whole world at large, without doubt with interest in Mbunda history that the Mbunda Kingdom website is now secure .

What does this mean?

The SSL Certificate enables the website address to change from "http" to "https". As you might have noticed, the Mbunda website address was earlier "https://www.mbundakingdom.org" and it carried a notification that the sight was not secure. However, following the configuration, the website address has now changed to "https://www.mbundakingdom.org" with a locked sign against it.

Why A Secured Website
For those that are not Cyber Space conversant,
(i). http:// sites are volunerable to attacks by viruses and all sorts of cyber crime and therefore the warning given against it. Visiting such sites could result in your aparatus getting damaged or your vital information like passwords being stolen, resulting in hackings.

(ii). However, https:// are locked or secured from such danger. Visiting such sites is safe always.

Advantage of this Achievement

Since the Mbunda Kingdom website is now secure we expect the following:

(i). Increased website visitations traffic,

(ii). Increased Mbunda Kingdom website articles visibility on the famous Google Search Engine and others (check for that visibility in atmost one to two weeks time period).

5). May we now take this opportunity to thank the following for their tireless commitment in promoting the Mbunda Ethnic Group:

(i). Prof. Godfrey Biemba (Mbunda Kingdom Research & Advisory Council - Lusaka, Zambia),

(ii). Dr. Inyambo Lyambila Nyumbu (Mbunda Kingdom Research & Advisory Council - Lusaka, Zambia),

(iii). Pastor Kennedy Ndala Njamba (Mbunda Kingdom Research & Advisory Council - Lusaka, Zambia),

(iv). Bernardino André Catongo (Mbunda Kingdom Research & Advisory Council - Lumbala Ngimbu, Angola).

We would also thank one of the Principal Mbunda History Researchers, Mwata Pedro Kameya Chavaya in his tireless effort of persuading the Mbundas from different WhatsApp groups to contribute towards saving the website. Despite his advanced age, he understood and appreciated the importance of having the Mbunda Kingdom website.

● As we continue to contribute for the second year subscription, I would like to encourage all the would be cotributors that their contributions would be acknowledged and every coin accounted for publicly as per presidence shown.

Please enjoy brousing: https://www.mbundakingdom.org


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His Majesty King Mbandu IV,
João Pedro Mussole
of The Mbunda People

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