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Breaking News - 27th July 2022


At Long Last Liumba Electoral College Picks On A Chief Mundu Designate   

By Courtesy of Mr. Kashweka Mumunda - Electoral College Secretary.


The Mundu Chieftaincy Electoral College in Liumba, Kalabo District of Western Province in Zambia has finally settled for a new Mwene Mundu designate following a High Court ruling.

According to a letter received as copied above, the Electoral College (Chifunkutu) met on 25th June 2022 and appointed or elected Chitumbo Musenge as Chief Mundu of Liumba Chiefdom, Kalabo District of Western Province.

Background information gathered on the matter is that, replacement of Mwene Mundu Likithi who died in August 2008 has been delayed by protracted succession wrangles between the seven Mundu Royal Families and one the Likithi Royal Family which hindered the Electoral College to carry out its madate according to Mbunda Mbalango Customs and Traditions.

The High Court ruling as reproduced above gave direction that both Kaunda Likithi and Vunonge Kanyama were not elected according to the Customs and Traditions of the Mbunda Mbalango people and in the interest of peace and justice thereby annulling the respondant's chieftaincy and ordered to return all the instruments of power in his possession to the rightful keeper. The High Court ruling further referred the parties to accordingly go back and choose the rightful Chief in accordance with their customs and traditions.

Therefore, the letter alluded to and reproduced above appear to be in line with the High Court ruling.


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