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Breaking News - 11th June 2022


The President of MPLA and Republic of Angola Visits Moxico Province 

By Courtesy of João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço.


1- Construction of infrastructure: At this point the president promised the population of Moxico the construction of roads (asphalt) that connect Munhango to Luau; Luau-Alto Zambeze, Alto Zambeze-Lumbala Caquengue to Lucusse; Luzí-Cangamba and the section from Dala to Saurimo.

With these connections it will facilitate the exchange of people and goods, it will also be able to attract investors, develop the eastern region and finally guarantee employment for youth.

2- Improvement of higher education infrastructure: During his second term, he promises to build a higher technical institute in Moxico, in order to reverse the framework of higher education facilities existing in the province in an inadequate state and improve the conditions of teachers and employees in a particular way. ;

3-In the framework of PROPRIV, that is, in the privatization program, the public tender for the Privatization of the Benguela Railways is underway, a fact that believes there will be an improvement in the services provided and the quality of service to the public as soon as the new owner take possession of it;

4- Construction of the railway branch that will depart from Luacano to the Republic of Zambia, which will facilitate international trade in the eastern region.

5-Construction of logistics in the Municipality of Luau.

Furthermore, the President of the MPLA and the Republic invites businessmen to invest in agribusiness, as it is an area that is occupying a worldwide position, thus replacing diamonds.

But for that, the MPLA president appeals for the vote of confidence of the militants, friends, sympathizers and the people in general in Moxico, for his re-election in the next elections on August 24th, so that the promised can be carried out.

He ended with the word that he couldn't say everything on pain of having nothing to say in the next meetings.

BY. João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço.

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