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Breaking News - 28th May 2022


Fasting Prayers In Lumbala Ngimbu, Angola 

By Courtesy of The Mbunda Kingdom Research & Advisory Council on Satuday,28th May 2022.

There was a hive of activities in the Mbunda Kingdom capital of Moxico Province in Angola. Mbundas Joined by thirty two (32) different Churches assembled to set a stage for all Mbundas in Angola and the diaspora Offering fasting prayers. That is in recognition of the powers of their Creator Jehovah God to partion Him give them a God fearing Mbunda Monarch Succesors.

The 23rd Mbunda Monarch, King Mbandu III Mbandu Lifuti passed on on the morning of 20th July 2021 in Luena General Hospital, Moxico Province, Angola. His Majesty, the late was a God fearing man having been annointed by the Bread of Life Pastor from Zambia during his coronation.

During the meeting, both Pastors Pena, David and one of the Mbunda Kingdom statesmen and one of the church leaders Pedro Kameya Chavaya based their presentations on the Bible scriptures of Genesis 1:26, Deuteronomy 17:14-17 Proverbs 8:15-16, 31:4-7; Psalms 115:16, 148:11; Judges 21:25,  Jonah 3:1-10, Matthew 6:16-18 and John 8:3-11. These scriptures emphasize on the need to rely in Jehovah and that He is the one who appoints leader and Kings being the King of all Kings.

In that regard, the Mbunda Kingdom Constitution respects and adopts that fact above its traditional and customs. Is states among others that; "one to be installed as a Mbunda Monarch shall be God fearing". Others are that:

(i)      Anyone (son, nephew, grandson, etc.) belonging to the royal

           lineage on the basis of all parents being Mbunda.

(ii)     A fluent speaker of the Mbunda language or its dialects.

(iii)    One who has undergone the most important Mukanda

          traditional rituals of the Mbundas.

(iv)    One who has attained a minimum of a Grade 12 education or


(v)     One without a criminal record or imprisonment.

(vi)    A God fearing man.

(vii)   A physically fit man.


(viii)  Having a knowledge of either the Portuguese or/and English

          languages written or spoken as an added advantage.

As for the selection of a King designate, the Constituion states among others as follows:

1).  The installation of the King to the throne shall be the responsibility of

     the Supreme Advisory Council (Chifuutu), comprising a Prime Minister

     and Noblemen of the palace (not  a group or committee of chiefs).


2.  During the selection of the Candidate and Installation of the King, the
     Supreme Advisory Council of the Kingdom shall work together with
     Royal Families (coordinated by the Mbunda Kingdom Research and
     Advisory Council) for the choice of the candidate to the throne and t
    full procedures according to Mbunda culture shall be strictly followed.

Above being the case, on 18th May 2022 the Prime Minister announced through an interview with the Angolan Moxico Journalist that preparations have advanced to have the 24th Mbunda Monarch, King Mbandu IV installed. He appealed to all Mbundas throughout the world to prepare for that grand occasion on 30th July 2022, exactly one year after the demise. 

Prayer Meeting In Progress with Stateman Pedro Kameya Chavaya
making his presentation.
The Mbunda Kingdom Prime Minister/Acting Monarch In Attendance   Paramount Chief Kangamba of
Kangamba Municipality In



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His Majesty King Mbandu IV,
Joo Pedro Mussole
of The Mbunda People

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