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(South-western) one By King Chinguli the Fifth Monarch and Second through the Southe-astern By Queen Kaamba The Seventh Monarch, Into the Now Angola and The now Zambia in The Years 1600 - 1795 and 1900s for Namibia.





Angola in 1906 Before The Mbunda Portuguese War That Saw The Mbunda Speaking People Loose Their MbundaLand.


          Angola 1932 After The Mbunda Portuguese War and Integration of Mbundaland To Angola                                                        








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His Majesty King Mbandu IV
Joćo Pedro Mussole
of The Mbunda People

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Mbunda People of Angola, Namibia and Zambia Praise Jehovah As They Receive News of Mbunda Language Bible Publication By Jehovah's Witnesses
  Presidency hands Nyemba Hot Potato To Uutoni 
National Assembly President welcomes Sovereigns from Eastern Angola - These are Queen Nhakatolo Tchilombo and King Mwene Mbandu IV
His Majesty King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole In Lumbala Nguimbu, Angola Pledges Unification of All His People In Angola and The Diaspora
Finally Mbunda People Enthrone The 24th Monarch, King Mbandu IV, Joćo Pedro Mussole In Lumbala Nguimbu, Angola
Mbundas Ready To Install Their 24th Monarch In October 2022
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Mbunda Kingdom Website Now Secure On "https://"
At Long Last Liumba Electoral College Picks On A Chief Mundu Designate
The President of MPLA and Republic of Angola Visits Moxico Province

Whose Mbunda Royal Family Does The Mbunda Monarchy Belong To?

Fasting Prayers For Mbunda Monarch Succesion in Lumbala Ngimbu, Angola







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Mbunda Traditional Ceremonies



Lithathe Lya Miondo Ya Mbunda, Lumbala Ngimbu, Moxico Province, Angola: 2nd Week of August.


Lukwakwa Traditional Ceremony, Manyinga District, Northwestern Province, Zambia: 1st Week of October.
Lyenya Traditional Ceremony, Kalabo District, Western Province, Zambia: 1st Week of September.

Liyoyelo Traditional Ceremony, Kabompo District, Northwestern Province, Zambia: 1st Week of September.







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